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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hengistbury Head

Had recovered sufficiently from our over-indulgence of alcohol last night to take a trip to Hengistbury Head this afternoon. It was really hot and sunny - absolutely gorgeous!

We had a lovely long walk and it was great until, about three quarters of the way round, one of my sandals broke and I ended up doing the rest of the walk barefoot! Yes, I walked on grass, gravel, pebbles and footpaths (that were hotter than the fires of hell) ALL the way back to the car park - my poor feet were nearly killed to death.

Anyway, here are some pics and (as is becoming my custom!) a little vid (watch out for a glimpse of my footwear-free wanderings in that!)

Edit: Forgot to say, Tim made a wonderful video from right at the top of Hengistbury Head - a sort of 360°, panoramic view. He's going to post it on his blog later when he's finished editing it so go have a look *smiles* Link to his blog is in my sidebar.










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