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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Going well :)

Our transition over (back to!) Montessori is going very, very well. Actually, it's better than it was before for reasons that I don't really understand. We seem to have a very good program going for Rosie - she would, technically, be in the last year of upper elementary so we're "sort of" following that but not as exactly as I would have done had we used Montessori in it's entirety with her over the last few years. The Conquer Maths is a PERFECT, secondary level, follow up for a child who has been using Montessori maths over previous years because the emphasis is on independent, self directed work. What amazes me is actually HOW good Rosie's maths is - far better than I ever thought - she's getting an average of 85% in all her question "papers" so far which is astonishing.

April is using all Montessori now - slightly done "our way" in places admittedly but Montessori nevertheless.

Anyway, here are some pics from today :)

Geometric cabinet, triangles drawer


Working on "teens" - I got rid of all the Montessori beads I made a long time ago and couldn't be bothered to make more so we're using segmented Cuisenaire Rods instead (you can't see they're segmented in this picture but they are) Next step after this is the teens board.


Matching animal prints to the correct animal - these are self correcting in that they also have the animal picture on the back of the print. You can get the printouts to make this here. You need to make 1 copy of the prints in circles and 2 copies of the match up worksheet (the only bit of the worksheet you need is the animals - 1 set to go on the back of the prints).


Rosie working on Conquer Maths



... and using 3 part cards for the parts of an amoeba


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