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Welcome to my blog. It is updated weekly with pictures and projects from our homeschool - maybe you can find something to inspire you :) I have a (no longer updated) materials page elsewhere on my website and will, occasionally, post my homemade materials in this blog.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Note regarding Conquer Maths

I have (rather embarrassingly!) had to remove the links to Conquer Maths (at least for the time being) as they seem to be having some major issues with their website. We cannot currently access any of Rosie's lessons at all and are having problems even contacting them to find out what the issue is.

They seem to have given their website a facelift recently which may be what's caused all this. Still, for the time being I cannot be recommending them! Will let you know when (if!) they start working properly again.

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