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Welcome to my blog. It is updated weekly with pictures and projects from our homeschool - maybe you can find something to inspire you :) I have a (no longer updated) materials page elsewhere on my website and will, occasionally, post my homemade materials in this blog.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Work pics and a download!

I'm a bad homeschool blogger to be sure!

Anyway, here are a few pics from today:

April built words with some phonogram cards I got from a Yahoo group I'm on. She then wrote them in her book and drew a little picture to go with them. She was sat on the floor in a very strange yoga-y type position here!



She also did some addition using dice to get the numbers and dried beans to help her

She also made a little book with some drawings she did

Rosie did loads of stuff but the only thing I got a photo of was when we played a fractions game. We had to throw 3 fractions dice and then take the right "pie" pieces and add them together. The first person to build a "whole" was the winner. We're going to do this in reverse tomorrow and start with wholes and subtract fractions.

Now for my download! Some while ago I made a set of types of sentence cards (which are going to be offered as a freebie on my shop ONCE it gets finished .....). Well, I'm going to put them here again because I've now made a set of mini books to go with them. I'm intending to make a few more grammar related mini books and, hopefully, there will be enough in the end that you could put them together in a lapbook.

Anyway, here are the sentence type sorting cards.

.... and here are the mini books. Once made, you can write examples of the different types of sentences inside (perhaps some of the ones from the exercise above).

When making the cards, you need to glue the coloured dots (at the end) on to the backs of the sentence strips. The dots match the dots on the heading cards and can be used for self checking when all the strips have been sorted. For the mini books, simply cut out and fold in half - the coloured cover obviously goes on the front and you should be able to see where to fold - here's a piccie of the completed books anyway.....

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