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Welcome to my blog. It is updated weekly with pictures and projects from our homeschool - maybe you can find something to inspire you :) I have a (no longer updated) materials page elsewhere on my website and will, occasionally, post my homemade materials in this blog.

I'm married to Tim (delivery driver and gorgeous musician), have 2 daughters, live on the south coast of the UK and have 1 aging cat (Hemmingway or Hemmy for short). I love reading, yoga, crafts, baking, daft old comedies, music and teaching.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Am I excited?

You bet I am! :)

After literally MONTHS of umming and aaahing, I'm finally going to start getting on with my new website but NOT in the format it was originally going to be in which was a webstore. Basically, I've decided to give our homeschool its own website! I'll have our blog there, separate pages for the grades our kids are in and (wait for it!) FREE downloads! I will have ALL our educational materials on there - ebooks, downloads that are currently on the materials page on this site AND all our Montessori materials.

This is something I've given huge thought to. There are waaay too many sites charging for materials and, to put it bluntly, a lot of them have far more professional looking materials to mine. From a purely business point of view the market (especially for pdf Montessori materials) is fairly saturated. From a personal, "me" point of view - well, it was always my intention to make things for free download. However, I became demoralised when so many of my materials were taken and then passed off as something made by someone else or, even worse, sold on.

I've come to the conclusion that, sadly, that is the world we live in - there will always be dishonest people who think nothing of effectively stealing someone else's hard work. I COULD charge for things as a way of making myself feel slightly better about the "thefts" but I won't because I don't want to. It doesn't make ME feel good - I WANT to give, not sell. If I do anything at all, I'll put a donation button on the website and then it's up to individuals, if they have the money, to donate if they want to :)

That all said, I DO have an idea for something I MAY sell ..... but that's a way off, something I'm working on. It may never see the light of day but, who knows ;)

In the meantime, feel free to bookmark the new site and check back fairly often because it will suddenly appear one day :) I'm SO looking forward to it!

Wise Little Owls

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