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Welcome to my blog. It is updated weekly with pictures and projects from our homeschool - maybe you can find something to inspire you :) I have a (no longer updated) materials page elsewhere on my website and will, occasionally, post my homemade materials in this blog.

I'm married to Tim (delivery driver and gorgeous musician), have 2 daughters, live on the south coast of the UK and have 1 aging cat (Hemmingway or Hemmy for short). I love reading, yoga, crafts, baking, daft old comedies, music and teaching.

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Monday, November 08, 2010

Website news and Lulu sale :)

First, a quick update on my new website. I'm going to try and move the blog over there sometime in the next couple of weeks but some of the other things like materials and grade level web pages MAY have to wait until after Christmas .... we'll see! Things are slow at the moment - I'm REALLY tired (not sleeping well) and there is, obviously, a lot of pre-Christmas preparations going on. Anyhow, I've made some final decisions about my materials and selling/not selling. Here goes :)

  1. All materials currently on the "general homeschool materials" page on THIS site, will continue to be FREE on the new site.
  2. My older Montessori materials (those I made over 3 years ago) will all be available FREE on the new site
  3. Some of the newer materials (made in the last 3 years) will be available FREE.
  4. My newer materials plus the larger ones (those which involved huge amounts of work to make - phew!) will be available at a very low price.

I am trying to make as much of my stuff available free as possible but also want to be fair on myself because I do put much work into these :)

Anyway, quite a few of my materials are currently on Lulu (link at the top of this page) and, until the new website is up and running, I'm reducing the cost of some of these in a little sale (watch out for some more being added in the next few days!) I'm intending to keep Lulu as well as my website shop for 2 reasons - firstly, the purchaser can download straight away rather than have to wait for me to send and, secondly, I can apply discounts more easily - which I hope to do lots! :)

Here are the links to the currently discounted materials - just click on the buy now buttons to go to full descriptions:

Periodic Table of Elements set - Huge set of 97 pages containing 3 part cards, flashcards, build-your-own period table (huge, on the floor!) and sorting activity). This is normally £3.75 but is currently on sale for £2.81. Support independent publishing: Buy this multimedia on Lulu.

Food Groups Set - picture and heading sorting cards for the main foods groups, posters/control cards and a set of riddle cards - normally £2.50, now £2.12. Support independent publishing: Buy this multimedia on Lulu.

Grammar Materials Set - A set of grammar symbols to "map" sentences, a grammar farm (pictures and word labels) to introduce nouns, verbs, adjectives, articles and conjunctions, grammar symbol 3-part cards and a gorgeous set of picture/sentence cards to practice mapping with the grammar symbols. Instructions for these materials included. normally £3.00, now £2.25. Support independent publishing: Buy this multimedia on Lulu.

Lastly, my pink level reading cards - These were lost away in the depths of my archives so I dusted them off and have put them up for sale. They will normally be £4.00 but are currently (because they're new and in a new font than my older materials), discounted at £2.80. There are 9 files included here (including instructions). Support independent publishing: Buy this multimedia on Lulu.

Oh, and one final thing - as an added incentive to go shop, the first person (from today) that purchases one of the discounted items can choose from any of the other (non discounted) items for free. Just let me know in a Lulu message which item you want and I'll send it to you :)

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