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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Free complete curriculum

Following on from my last links, here are some for COMPLETE curriculum (ie all subjects with no need to add in anything else), in different formats - video lessons, printables, games etc.

NeoK12 - Grades K-12 - video lessons, games and some printables. You can create a free account and create playlists and keep track of your childs viewings, games completed etc.

What 2 Learn - KS3 and 4 - Games based learning and printables - from their website "What2Learn is a national award-winning interactive learning solution which provides effective educational resources and revision games. "

Ambleside Online - K-12 - Charlotte Mason based curriculum. Something I've always wanted to use but never quite got to grips with! Great if your family likes reading A LOT. I was in 2 minds whether to include this as you will have to provide your own maths curriculum - there is, however a completely free maths curriculum (all years/grades) here at MEP.

Clickschooling - K-12 - This is a great curriculum if you want something a little more low-key and prefer to focus on 1 subject per day (leaving the rest of the time free for more self directed learning). You can sign up for the newsletter and get 1 web based curriculum idea per day (Mon-Sat) in your inbox. The system works on Mon-Maths, Tues-science, Weds-Language Arts, Thurs-Social Studies, Fri-Virtual Field Trip and Sat-Music/Art/Foreign Languages. The only drawback with this is that you don't know what your getting (grade wise) until it arrives so if the link that arrives isn't suitable for your child's age/ability, I suggest you visit the archives for that day and find an alternative.

Lesson Pathways - K-5. You set up your "pathways" for each subject then simply follow them through. Each pathway contains all the links, materials and ideas you need for the lessons. I would say with this that, looking through it, it would seem academically quite challenging. It's just my opinion, but I think you could easily "bump" this up by a grade or 2 and it would work brilliantly, meaning you could use it up to grade 6 or 7.

Little City Kids Perspective - K-2 (although, I've taken some of the ideas from this and EASILY adapted them for my older daughter). Loosely Montessori-based. Curriculum based on a timeline of history from Dinosaurs right through to "That's Like Awesome" (a study of the 1980's!) Everything included - writing, art, craft, history and science however you will need to supplement with maths for an older child.

Milestones Academy - K-12. Charlotte Mason-esque curriculum with a Montessori slant for early years (yes, really!) Is Christian but you can work round this if you don't want that as it's not overtly-so.

Speyer School Curriculum - K-8 - Vintage but very, very lovely. Charlotte Mason in flavour, easily followed outlines for each grade with book suggestions.

EZ School - K-12 - Worksheet based, not the most inspiring or exciting to be honest but it's free.

Montessori 6-9 - Full curriculum albums for 6-9 year olds, all subjects - bear in mind that Montessori is VERY advanced and introduces concepts at a much younger age than traditional schools. If you want to use this style of learning but don't want to push your child too much I suggest looking through it and "bumping up" if necessary. Same for the 3-6 curriculum below.

Montessori 3-6 - See above!

Free World U - K-12 - E-flashcard learning - all subjects - sounds lame but, at first inspection, actually seems pretty good. Would DEFINATELY need to be supplemented with hands on activities away from the computer but, as a basic core curriculum, is excellent.

Head of Class - K-8 - talked about this in previous post - will eventually cover all grades from k-8, currently k-4 with grade 5 due this month sometime.

Old Fashioned Education - K-12 - based on vintage books, Charlotte Mason/classical style.

Mater Amabilis - Currently K-8 although their website seems to suggest that it will, eventually go right through to grade 12. Charlotte Mason based with book suggestions for both US and UK users so good in that respect.

Free maths curriculum - now, at the start I said these were complete but some DO require supplementing with a maths curriculum (mostly the Charlotte Mason type ones). Just my pennies worth, but I feel with maths curriculum (more than ANY other subject) you need to place your child based on ability NOT age - for most homeschoolers that probably doesn't need saying but (iI know from personal experience!) there is sometimes a "fear" about keeping your child in their right grade level regardless of their ability. Here are some that are free:

MEP - mentioned above - all grades - hands on and workbook style lessons.

Math Moves U - Grades 6-9/10 (depending on ability of your child) - game based but also contains Math Moves University where you can download free worksheets to go with the online games. Good fun :)

Math Frog - Grades 4-6 - game/worksheet based curriculum.

Wired Math - Currently grades 7-9 but grade 10 due to be added in 2011 sometime. Game/worksheet based.

Math Instructional Resources - K-12 - lesson ideas for all grades plus weekly, self directed challenges - lots of hands on ideas here.

Math ABC - 1-6 - Online maths practice for all topics.

Khan Academy - No fixed grades are given and, I suspect, this would be better for older children who, perhaps, experience maths difficulties - see comments below) - video lessons from basic maths right through algebra. If you set up an academy account (with Facebook or iGoogle), you can follow the suggest path through all the levels/topics. Once you gain 10 correct answers the system allows you to move on to the next level. The route suggested is totally unlike anything I've ever seen - it starts with basic (very basic!) addition, then goes through some basic subtraction, multiplication and division before moving on to adding decimals (I guess they figure that it's a natural follow on from adding whole numbers and that does make sense), subtracting and multiplying decimals and then adding/subtracting negative numbers. Sounds confusing but I actually think it might work! Easiest to go see for yourself :)

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