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I live on the south coast of the UK. I'm very happily married to Tim (who looks after me, cherishes me and works so hard) and we have 2 daughters and a cat, Floyd. I love Hello Kitty, Littest Pets, crafting, reading, baking, playing on my Nintendo ds, cute dresses and all manner of hair accessories. I'm also, without doubt, a future crazy cat lady.

Me, Tim, April, Rosie and Billy and Floyd-the-cat :)

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Tomodachi Life Birthday

Here is my biggest girlie and me (and a character she created called Zippy) celebrating her birthday - Tomodachi Life style. Funny how I look littler than her! Adorable. :)


Oh and a bonus - me and Rosie at the funfair :)


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Sunday, September 28, 2014

How exactly did this happen?

She turned 17.

17 years. Where did they go? This lovely, slightly mad (but in a very good way!), talented child of ours.








Last night she had the birthday dinner of her choice - Domino's Pizza, potato wedges, nachos and Ben and Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew icecream. These were taken last night she's 17.



Love her so much x

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

In search of crab apples

Went to Linford Bottom today, probably for the last time this year as it is somewhere that we always regard as being peculiarly summery - eternally warm and mellow. Don't ask me why but there you go.

We went, primarily for these, to make jelly:

Crab apples - actually some of these are from our garden - the bigger, yellow ones. Just don't have enough in my garden to make jelly.


There were loads and loads of crab apples there and we had great fun picking up the fallen ones and shoving them into my Tigger backpack which was absolutely bulging by the time we left. By the way, no, we didn't strip the trees bare! There were many, many, many apples left for the wildlife!

Now I've just got to make the jelly! I've been collecting our jam jars for ages and I'm going to make crab apple and cinnamon jelly. Yum! :)

Here's another piccy from our walk - Rosie and New Forest pony friend :)

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Loving his holiday so far

...for me, for no other reason than he's here :) For him, not having to get up the butt-crack of dawn and go to work probably features quite high!

The weather has been perfect (cold, misty mornings followed by warm, mellow days), and we've stopped watching clocks and have just chilled. We've been getting all our "getting ready for winter" jobs out the way early in the week so that we can go on a few days out later. So, we've been gardening and pulling out heavy furniture to clean behind it and washing curtains and what-not.

It's just so fabulously lovely having Tim at home more and having the space to do more of the stuff that we love. For me, it's having more time in the evenings to curl up by him while he sprawls on the sofa watching t.v and rest my head on his lap and snuggle. Then he'll shift his legs slightly and I always, always take that as a cue to get up and he always, always grabs my head and says "I didn't say you had to get up!" :D ....and in the mornings, it's lovely to see him getting lie-ins and catching up on some snoozies and sometimes I'll hop back in the bed with him and he'll open his eyes and give me the fake "what are you doing back in bed?" glare before drifting off again. It's just all....gorgeous.

Hoping the rest of the week is as super ...hopefully....a certain young lady celebrates her 17th birthday in a few days! :)

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hodge podge

It has been insanely warm..actually, hot, here over the last few days. Uncomfortably so much of the time. Today, however, it has been a bit cooler and misty and drizzly and actually felt autumnal. April and I went out in the garden to collect fallen leaves to put in our nature basket. We also put our faces in several large cobwebs.


Talking of cobwebs, apparently it's going to be a "good" year for spiders due to the mild autumn weather so far. Good? Good for them maybe, not so good for us who don't like the creepy little critters. Anyway, to try and put a lighter spin on it, I invented this ....

Taa-daaaa! The Spidometer! See the 19th? Draw a spider on the calendar for every little creep we see in our house over the next month! Yes, Tim is capable of spelling "holiday" correctly by the way. It's just a silly thing like how we spell Christmas as chrismoose.


What else? Hmmm, well we made a lovely pie! This is chicken, leek and ham. I made the pastry, Tim and I made the filling together (you should try cooking with your other half sometimes, it's big fun) and I rolled out and assembled. And put hearts on the top. Yes.

Most delicious.


Ooooh! and I've been making this, for me! I make lots of stuff for the kids and around the house but this was just for me. A snuggly blankie! I have another similar which is basically a huge granny square in a deep red (this is pink/white/lilac) but this one was a bit more detailed. They're not huge, like a throw, but big enough to snuggle ...and cuddle :) Nowhere near finished yet though, got loads of rows left to go!


Finally, Rosie sent me this message this morning. She's been waiting for the new Smash Bros. game to come out (for the 3ds) for about 3 years and several weeks ago they announced a release date of the 3rd October. Needless to say she's been counting down the days with great excitement and then, a couple of days ago, they announced a demo was being released today.

I suspect she might be a tad excited :D Bless her!


PS - Tim is on holiday for a week now! Yipeeeee!

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Packet mix cakes and cookies. No.

The other day, at work, Tim was offered a packet of cookie mix to bring home and try. He politely turned it down saying "if I want to bake cookies at home, I'll do it from scratch". Actually, what he should have said is "my wife will bake them from scratch" ...but we'll let that pass :D

Thing is (and I'm really going to get on my high horse here so brace yourselves), I don't count packet mix anything as real cooking. An amoeba could open a packet, "add an egg" and put the stuff in the oven (ok, I clearly exagerate but you get my meaning) and you know what the biggest missing ingredients are? Time and love. When you bake something for your family or friends from scratch your are putting real effort into it. You are putting the time and care into making something really special. It shows no skill at all to use a packet mix but when baking from scratch you have to take the time to weigh things correctly, mix in the right way (does this need to be beaten or folded or whisked...?)

Using packet mixes is one thing but actually passing the "stuff" off as "home cooked" is quite another. I happen to know for a fact that a lot of hotel/restaurant chefs use a lot of pre-prepared things (soup, cake mixes, sauces etc). So when you are saying "oh my compliments to the chef" what you should say is "my compliments to the chef for his fine tin opening skills! He is truly a master of his craft". Hmm. I'm not saying they do that all the time for all things but ....let's just say a lot of short cuts are taken.

However, chefs are mega busy, turning out loads and loads of food so maybe we can forgive them?

What about mums and dads at home with kids? What about those people who open the evil packet mixes and then serve the results up to their friends and family and say "look what I baked!" ....all smiles while they get congratulated on their cooking skills? What about them? No! They are not "baking"! They are not taking fresh, pure ingredients and creating something from scratch! They are opening a box containing god only knows what (have you seen the ingredient list on those things?!) and adding a splash of water or an egg and then putting the whole lot in the oven. That is not cooking. Sorry, but it's not.

It's cheating. It's for lazy people who like to think they're really baking something. Worse still, they want other people to think they really baked something too.

My feeling? Do it from scratch. Take the time to really cook properly, using real ingredients or just don't bloody bother.

Busy hotel/restaurant chefs excepted of course. You are forgiven. Just.

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Monday, September 08, 2014

"Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow...."

....actually, today. :) Yep, we went to Marwell! The sun shone this morning so we all got up and just ...went and what a fabulous day. We wandered about in that beautiful type of mellow, warm sunshine that you only get in early autumn, saw some beautiful (and crazy!) animals and enjoyed a lovely lunch. Warning! Pretty photo heavy!

Getting up close and personal with the penguins

This is me and my new buddy :)

"I'll clean the windows for you ...with my tongue you do...."

The beautiful front of Marwell Hall

All together now ....aaahhh! I'm a lucky girlie to have this wonderful man as my hubby


Awww! These were little ...and surprisingly fast!

This was not a great photo but included for one reason - it reminded me of that scene from Star Trek where Spock gets killed by the radiation and Kirk is outside the room and they put their hands on the glass and get all slushy. Except it's Rosie and a monkey *laughs*. Look carefully, you can just see the monkey with both it's hands up against the glass by Rosie's :) "I ...shall....always" hahaha!

Lemur. Made one hell of a din. 'Nuff said.

The way these things sit made Tim burst out laughing. They look like little old men in armchairs!

"Now I'm the king of the swingers...."

Snow Leopards ..beautiful, beautiful

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Monday, September 01, 2014

Planes but no zoo :(

We were kind of loosely planning to go to Marwell Zoo today because, as well as the regular stuff, they've also had a dinosaur exhibition going on. This ended today. Unfortunately, our plans fell to pieces because the weather is a bit yuk and there's no point in trudging round the zoo in the rain. So I was a bit sad when I got up this morning and saw the weather zoo :( Oh well, we'll go another time, just no dinos!

Yesterday, the weather was nice (glorious in fact) but we already had plans - to go to Hengistbury Head because it was the Bournemouth Air Festival and it's a great place to watch the planes. We went on a nice walk and reached the top and hung out for a bit and saw the Vulcan and an impressive helicopter display - we could see for miles it was that clear!

Afterwards, we walked back down and Tim brought us ice cream - it was yummy (I had caramel and fudge!) so we were happy bunnies :)

It really does feel distinctly autumnal today and I'm full of plans for the upcoming season! Going to tidy up our school area tomorrow (ready for starting work again on Wednesday) and redo the nature table for the autumn one. I really do love this time of the year - birthdays (Rosie's, April's and Tim's), Halloween, Bonfire Night and, of course, Christmas!

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hello Kitty and the website

First, get this out the way. I'm finally moving ALL stuff relating to homeschool, the kids work etc over to my new homeschool blog (see tiny teeny link in topbar). There are 2 main reasons for this. Firstly, the kids are getting older and it kind of doesn't feel right to keep posting stuff about them. They are at the age where, if they want to blog, they can do it in their own right. That's not to say I'll never mention them, of course I will ....just not loads of pictures and stuff like that. So, if you're only here for the homeschool stuff then your best bet is to head over to the new blog!

Secondly, I've made the decision to make this website and blog more For many years I've blogged and I've had to push back the "me" quite a lot because of the fact that I didn't want it to overshadow the homeschool stuff.

It's time to make this website really my own...really me. Now, of course, that doesnt mean full-on, intimate details - Tim and I have a personal blog ...elsewhere for that sort of stuff ;) Just much more than before. If you want an idea what I mean, go and read my front page on this website and you'll see.

Anyway, that all said, on to the important news of the day.

It's very important.

Tim was reading the news online yesterday and turned round to me and said "there's some very surprising news!" ... he was smirking.

Apparently, Hello Kitty isn't a kitty at all. She's a small child from London.

A small child from London


No. I'm not buying this. She has cat ears and whiskers! She's a cat and I don't care what they say.*

*goes off sulking*

*Course, what they actually probably mean is, the character, Hello Kitty, is based on the idea of a small child from London. Yeah? I think that's what they mean.

I told you it was important news.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tim's blog posts

My lovely man used to keep a blog all of his very own but got bored of writing it in the end. However, just for fun, I've decided to share some of his posts with you - some of the ones that I particularly enjoyed, that made me laugh or whatever. If you really want to, you can head over to which is his front page and lists all the stuff he's done and contains links to things like his Soundcloud where he puts his musical compositions (although there's not much there at the moment).

Anyway, here goes....hope you enjoy them, he's a very good and funny writer :)

Room 101 - Religion, aubergines, spiders, straight across fringes and much, much more!

Jesus is his Friend - *giggling*...Oh god, sorry to any religious people out there but .....this cracks me up.

Playing with one's organ. And Blogging. - The best bit (in my opinion) of this Hammond Organ video is right at the end when the guy (presumably) filming starts going "wooo! yeah!" in a really over the top way. Hilarious. Oh, and no Sir, Sarah does not love "the smooth swirly tones of the Hammond C3"....

Sarah - Yep, he blogged about me, on our 9th wedding anniversary. 9th! We've very nearly doubled that now! I guess he must stlll feel the same...... ;)

Sex sells, apparently - This ad makes me laugh so hard ......If getting covered in molten gravy is your thing ....strictly for hardcore masochists I would imagine.

Anyway, there you go! Hope you go have a read never know, if he suddenly gets an influx of visitors he may be inspired to put fingers to keyboard again!

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