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I live on the gorgeous Dorset/Hampshire border in the UK. I'm married to Tim and we have 2 daughters, a cat (Floyd) and various woodlice, snails and minnows! I'm a nature-adoring, yoga-ing, baking, walking, music-loving, crafting bookworm and future crazy cat lady.

Me, Tim, April, Rosie and Billy and Floyd-the-cat :)

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nearly holiday time!

No, we're not going away anywhere (sadly) but we've got one more week after this and then Tim's off yay! The Christmas hols seem SUCH a long time ago now!

So, I may be having a little blogging break. Next week I shall be busy spring cleaning (yep, that time of the year again!) as I thought I might as well get it out the way before he's off. The following week is holiday so, hopefully, we shall be off doing lots of fun stuff that I may blog about afterwards.

So, for now, I will say a temporary farewell but before I go I just wanted to share a couple of apps with you that we've got recently and really like. I got both these free on the Amazon "free app for a day" thing but I don't believe they are expensive anyway and certainly worth the money.

The first, King of Math Junior, which is for kids age 6 and up, is a really rather cool math curriculum that comes in 2 different apps for right up to grade 8/9. We have got the first one and it covers counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, puzzles, geometry, comparisons and fractions. Apart from the other app I'm going to tell you about, you probably wouldn't need any other maths curriculum and it's fab because the kids can work on their own.


The other app is called Dragonbox algebra and, again, it comes in 2 different age group apps and, again, we got it free on Amazon. The first app (which we have) is designed to teach algebra to kids from as young as 5 using a series of clever picture games. The pictures are then gradually replaced by numbers.



I think with both of these apps together you have a pretty good, comprehensive maths curriculum for kids right up to about age 14 - years worth of learning!

Anyway, that's enough from me now. Off to get on with my stuff :) See you all soon - be good! x

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Feed readers and the like

I have to confess, there are very few blogs I actually read regularly and really enjoy, certainly not enough to warrant putting them on a feed reader. There are a couple of home ed blogs and a couple of crafty type blogs and that's it.

The blogs I like I just click on once a day and see if there are any updates. Doesn't seem to be much point in checking them more than once a day. I mean, if they are going to update a few minutes after I've checked not to worry, I'll catch up again the next day. I always think, rightly or wrongly, that repeatedly checking on a blog over the course of a day is verging on the stalkerish! If you're really that desperate to get updates then subscribe to the blog via a feed reader or something!

I don't have a button to subscribe on my blog but, if you go to something like The Old Reader (which is what my hubby uses to keep tabs on me haha!), then you can just add my blog and you'll be notified every time there's an update! Simples!

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Tuesday, April 08, 2014


I once heard Stephen Fry say (on Q.I I think), "if moths like the bloody light so much, why don't they come out in the daytime?" *laughs*. This is beautiful though....


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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Birthday dinner

Sooo, we all went off out last night to Mummy Jill's birthday meal. There were a variety of people there and, to be blunt, it was a rather random and chaotic affair with people eating lots of different things at lots of different times (it was takeaway food). Some people having pizza, some having Indian, some eating downstairs, some eating upstairs. Yep, chaotic. Rather fun though *smiles*.

Tim's sister was there along with her ex-boyfriend who is still friends with Jill and Tony. This made for some fairly uncomfortable moments where Tim and I looked at each other and did the "oh my god, this is squirmy!" face.

Still, a nice evening out, nice food, pleasant company.

To finish, here's something I redisovered on You Tube - Gorillaz, Clint Eastwood ... deeply weird and cool.

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Friday, April 04, 2014

Sweet thought


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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hi honey! I'm home!...for a second

Yes, dear readers, tonight I shall dine alone! My children having had tea earlier and my husband off doing rehearsals for the church Easter gig. *Grumble, grumble*.

He is at work at the moment then he will hopefully have enough time to come home and change before disappearing off and then, because he also has rehearsals in the evening, he is staying for dinner with the choirmaster and his wife. Evening rehearsals will mean he may eventually get back at around 9.30ish. Just in time to say "hiiii!", drink a cup of tea and fall into bed ready for another 4.00a.m work start tomorrow. Blimey! :(

To be fair, this doesn't happen all that often. I think the last time might have been when he was playing keyboards in a production of Seussical the Musical at the Regent Centre in Christchurch with the BOS Musical Company. That was about 4 years ago and before that it was when he went off on some Christmas work dinner.

So naaa, not very often. Still, I have to put on the melodramatic, woe is me thing although this has no effect on Tim whatsoever and he laughs at me. Charming.

So, for me, it's dinner for one and a night in front of the telly ... or haunted fishtank as someone once called it *laughs* - I had no idea, initially, what they were talking about because I'm a bit slow like that!

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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Oh you know, just stuff

Yesterday was April Fool's day and (quite sensibly) my children refrained from playing any practical jokes on me. I am the first to hold up my hand and say I hate practical jokes because, most of the time, they are only amusing to the person carrying out the joke. I don't do them on people and I don't like them. Sorry if that makes me sound all grumpy-guts but there you go.

I did, however, go to Animal Crossing (New Leaf ...soooo cute) and find ....

Oh my bloody god, it's Blanca!


No, not me with my strange glasses! The creepy-weirdo without a face! Blanca used to pop up in Animal Crossing on the Gamecube. She/he would appear on the train and start demanding to know why you were staring at him/her. Um... you have no face! Your face, you don't have one! Your. Face. Is. Absent.

Anyway, this time, Blanca is an April practical joker who goes round impersonating the other villagers and you have to try and work out which one is the real villager and which one is creepy Blanca. Hoho.

What else? Well, I made more bread! Look, white and wholemeal this time!

The bread making is due to the fact that we are sick of buying loaves from our local Tesco and having disgusting things which aren't bread in them. This is a fact. One loaf recently had one of those blue plasters in it (NEARLY THROWS UP). Another also had something blue but wasn't a plaster, just blue ....blobs. Unfortunately, Tesco is convenient for me to walk to but I certainly won't be buying their shitty bread ... ever ... again. Anyway, my homemade bread is gorgeous!

Yesterday I had to go and do my weekly biggish shop (at the aforementioned shoddy Tesco). Had such a lot to get including Easter eggs because they had a good selection and Rosie was worried they might sell out before Easter! Lugged all the stuff home and then realised late-afternoon that I had forgotten one essential item. A tin of beanz! Oh no! We needed these for our dinner (toddler dinner as I call it - we have this now and again - veggie fingers, baked potatoes and beanz). Sooo, I sent Rosie back out for the missing item! Sorted! It was a warm day and she came back hot and sweating (in her enormous, thick sweatshirt) and saying "you didn't give me enough money for a coke!"

Finally, here is Sam Pancake again courtesy of April. This little guy pops up all over the place these days! Here, he's inspecting some (decidedly trashed) piano music.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

I love being a mummy

Today I got breakfast in bed and my 2 little babes brought me cute stuff ...

Rosie got me a very lovely hanging heart and a box of choccies

There were handmade cards and paintings

April made the teapot card at Brownies. The Brownie leaders decided what mums really needed on Mother's Day was a nice cup of tea. So they included this for the Brownies to put in their cards ....and this was April's message to me....

I think she thought it was hilarious ... I thought it was hilarious and burst out laughing when I opened it!

Yesterday we had Mummy Jill (Tim's mum) and Tony over for afternoon tea. They couldn't come today so Mother's Day tea had to be a day early. Lots of little sandwiches and salady stuff and choccie muffins I made and a strawberry tart that was a joint effort between me and Tim. He made the custard, I made the pâte sablée (sweet, almondy, crumbly pastry). It was a triumph! Mmmm!

Happy Mother's Day to any mums reading this! xx

Added later.... Just thought I'd add a piccy and a quick video of Rosie from her horse riding today. She was riding Star and he was being driven demented by the flies despite wearing his fly-hood. In the video you will hear the lady riding next to Rosie (on Khan, the chestnut) say "was Star a good boy today?" Er. No. Star decided to investigate a fallen down tree and, having done so for a while, apparently decided it was scarey. He did a sudden sideways jump and sent Rosie tumbling to the ground. Honestly, horses have very few brain cells, what an absolute arse! She wasn't hurt, in fact she came back and said "I had a little fall today and it was funny". Ooook.


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Friday, March 28, 2014

A busy day. I had it.

Well, today has been one of those days where my bottom has barely touched a chair apart from sitting down for a few minutes at lunchtime! Oh, and now.

Got up, dragged everyone together, went to shops, dodged the spring showers, walked home again and took a pic of April playing in the woods in the lane at the back of our house.... home, stuck some potatoes in the oven to bake for lunch, did some washing up, made some laundry gloop, made some bread dough and left it to rise, did a load of laundry and hung it outside (sun had come out by this point yay!) ... sat down and ate lunch .....

...finished up the bread and baked it ......


.....did another load of laundry and hung that up, made tortilla wraps for the kids tea, did some more washing up and then made some gooey chocolate chunk muffins (2 lots of!)....


...did more washing up, put some laundry away, hug and stuff with Tim because he was home by this point ....and reeeelax!

I LOVE days like this! I love being busy and getting loads done and feeling really satisfied and happy at the end of it!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

In which I show you some random pictures

Been busy these last few days on a particular project I'm working on. I've received emails from various people about a certain thing and all I'm going to say is "I'm working on something". Bear with. I will email you with further details soon. That's it. Those who know will know if you see what I mean?!

Anyway, so last night I was messing about with my phone and took some random piccies.

Now here's someone you don't get to see too often (he's even more camera shy than me!) ..."hiii Timofee!"


He went about his business delivering stuff the other day and a certain chef at a certain hotel referred to him as "that long haired pianist". Well, firstly, it wasn't that long to start with but it's even shorter because, yesterday, he got a haircut. So there. Close up! Yummy man.


Then April insisted I take a photo of her favourite LPS kitty ... his name is Sam Pancake and he makes rather random, chaotic (think Get Stuffed) cookery programmes. Ok, the cooking is pretend but they are rather cute and funny.

You want to see one his programmes? Of course you do. Here's Sam making jam tarts (in a rather odd way). You're welcome.

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