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I live on the south coast of the UK. I'm very happily married to Tim (who looks after me, cherishes me and works so hard) and we have 2 daughters and a cat, Floyd. I love Hello Kitty, Littest Pets, crafting, reading, baking, playing on my Nintendo ds, cute dresses and all manner of hair accessories. I'm also, without doubt, a future crazy cat lady.

Me, Tim, April, Rosie and Floyd-the-cat :)

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Am I allowed to be excited yet?

Yeah? Oh go on!

Well, I am anyway, so there! :P Heehee!

Tim only has 1 day of work left after today and then he's on holiday until the 6th January! Yes! Yes! He works so hard and he flippin' well needs this holiday. So can't wait to spend lots of time with him and spoil him with cool stuff and lots of massages and whatnot :)

All my Christmas shopping is done! I have 1 more thing to wrap and put under the tree and that's it. Very relieved! Tim has some shopping of a secret-like nature (i.e for me!) which he is dragging Rosie off to the shops on Monday to help him with. Oooo! Good luck with that you two! I would NOT like to be going to the shops 3 days before Christmas day. Just

Last night, while he was out at choir practice, I snuggled up on the floor by the christmas tree and flicked through one of my favourite Kirsty Allsop books to look for inspiration for my Christmas cake. I think I found it ...see! Adorable! I have ideas bubbling away in my mind, watch this space!

I've been still crocheting away like mad. After finishing mum-in-law's bedsocks, I had quite a lot of the pink yarn left so I'm making myself a pair of lacy ankle socks and they're turning out pretty cute! This is my altered version of a US pattern I found - thinking about writing it up and putting it on my craft page. I had to alter it because their pattern called for changing to a larger hook at the ankle and making a lot of increases - this resulted in the ankle section being HUGE! I have pretty skinny ankles anyway so it was ridiculous, so I altered it :) See, they fit pretty snuggly.

Got up this morning (after not a very good night's sleep it has to be said!) and baked bread and rolls ......

About to go in the oven!

Nomy nomy!

Off up the shops later .....just bits and bobs. Got to get some more wool to finish my sweater (nearly done!) and other stuff. At least it's not windy anymore, last night was hideous! Byeeee!!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Taaa-daaa! Today I unwrapped my Christmas cake (seems like such a long time ago that I made it!) Smelt good!


Then I gave it a marzipan hat.....


.....and trimmed it ......


....and gave the leftovers to April to play with .....


....who made a cat face out of it :)


If you are going to marzipan your Christmas cake, you need to do it about a week before you intend to ice it. This gives it time to dry out. To marzipan, first brush the top and sides of the cake with warmed marmalade or jam (I used my cinnamon and crabapple jelly). Then, smooth the marzipan over and trim the bottom. Re-wrap the cake in greaseproof paper and foil and put away again for a week.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Have some Christmas




"What me? Wreck the tree? I wouldn't think of it! How could you?! How could you?!"





Yes, yes! Our yearly purchase of the Radio Times (immediately taken possession of by April)


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Should've gone to Specsavers....

Here's a hilarious moment for you. Was in Tesco with the kids today and the guy (admittedly pretty old) behind the checkout says (perfectly seriously) "aaah! are you triplets?"

S'cuse me?

There is a 34 year age gap between me and April. 34 years. THIRTY-FOUR!! For heaven's sake, there is a 7 year gap between April and Rosie!

I said "um...I'm their mum" ...he squinted at us ....and then laughed (probably noticing the lines and the odd grey hair for the first time and realising his preposterous mistake).

I do NOT look that young, he clearly, most certainly needs glasses. *Laughs out loud*. How funny :)

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Crochet, walks and getting ready

I'm totally on top of my Christmas prep! I've finished all my Christmas shopping and have been putting the finishing touches to the last handmade gifts including these.....

Bedsocks for my mum-in-law


Yeah, I know, that doesn't look like a sock but I promise you they are ....see! Oooo! Magic!


Originally, I was going to try and buy some but they had to be very specific - long and, because she has very swollen feet because she can't move around much (she had a stroke a few years back), they had to be large enough to get over her feet easily. So I gave up shopping and just brought some lovely soft, pink yarn instead and made them. Job done :)

I've also been working on this for me. It's a sweater using a pattern I got from Ravelry and, yes, I know it looks a little odd right now! It's worked in one huge piece from the top down which is great because I can try it on periodically and made adjustments as necessary. For example, the top pattern (i.e the non lacy pattern) ended, for me, right on the boobs and this made the lacy bit really stick out badly. It also made my boobs look absolutely gigantic and I certainly don't need any more help there! Ahem. So, anyway, I adjusted the pattern so it ends just under the bust instead giving a more empire line which is very pretty. I've just got to finish the lace pattern so it finishes thigh length, do the sleeves (they're meant to be long!) and finish the neckline and it's done.


Pretty lace. This picture makes it look grey but it's more like the top picture


Anyway, today, inbetween crochet, we went off for a hike over Badbury Rings. Eeeek! Winter is really biting now! The wind was fierce and freezing and it was hoods up to avoid achey ears! Very lovely up there though in a kind of bleak, dramatic way and only about 2 other people wandering about with their dog.

Finally, I'm going to be up with the lark tomorrow as I'm going to totally clean the lounge, diner and hall ready to put our Christmas decorations up later in the day! Yipeee!! Here are some things I already did about a week ago though.

Winter nature table


King Winter - I made him years ago ....and one of April's paper mice :)


Our hall shelf which we've turned into a winter village complete with little battery operated tealights inside the houses. We'll add Christmassy things tomorrow - coloured lights, elves and so on.


The above picture is in the daytime and below is at night ....looks somehow even more wintery at night :)


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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Another birthday!

This time it's happy birthday to my gorgeous, hard working, totally fabulous hubs! It's funny, April was born a week earlier than her expected due date, if she'd come at the right time she and Tim could have shared a birthday :)

Happy birthday T.T!! x

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Saturday, December 06, 2014

No Sew Festive Bunting

I have lots of Christmas decorations, from years gone by, stored away but I always like to add something new to my collection every year! This year I'm running short on time (still finishing up some handmade gifts!) so I wanted something quick, fun and no sew!

This is so simple it really doesn't need pictures but I like pictures so you've got them!

Take 3 strands of festive coloured yarn - could be wool or string or (like me) embroidery thread. Knot one end and then plait down and knot the other end.


Now take some felt - I used glittery, Christmas colours - and, using a pair of pinking scissors, cut double sided triangles out (i.e fold the felt in half and cut a triangle leaving the fold intact). Arrange these along your plaited yarn to check for spacing and how many you need.


When you're happy, open the triangles up and put some glue inside before pressing firmly closed. Make sure you glue right up by the fold to stop them sliding about. Then, cut some star shapes out of card, cover in glue and glitter like mad (you can never have too much glitter!) Glue these stars on each end of your bunting.


Finally, tie a loop at each end of the bunting cord and hang up! I put this in my hall but will actually move it to above the archway into my kitchen because I reserve the big space above the hall door for my hearts and bells garland that I made a couple of years ago (Kirsty Allsop idea and very, very beautiful!)


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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Baby is .....


More wishes than a thousand hearts can count for you
More smiles than a merry-go-round
The sweetest ending to a bed-time story told
My love follows you where you go

It's a funny age. One minute she's asking me to paint her nails ("light purple with dark purple spots please mummy!") and the next minute those nails are full of mud as she scrabbles around the garden hunting for bugs. One minute she's grooving on down to pop tunes on You Tube and the next she's sprawled out on her bedroom floor playing make believe games with her Littlest Pets.

Simultaneously getting big but still so very little.

Happy Birthday April Honey Sellers! Mad as a hatter but adored by us all so much!

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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Kings and Queens Timeline

Got some lovely seasonal things coming up but wanted to do a home ed post first (quickly, before I have to dash off and get April ready for the Brownies carol service!).

Our Kings and Queens of Britain timeline!

This is based on the book Kings & Things by Henrietta Marshall which we are reading for history this year. We also supplement this with Ladybird Kings & Queens of England (Part I and II) books which contain more factual information. On my home ed reading list page you can find part 1 of the printouts for this timeline (if you haven't already). Part 2 will be coming up some time in the new year time now!

You need to grab yourself a long strip of white paper and then "age" it using (naturally!) tea. When that's done and you've let it dry, use watercolour paint to make a line down the centre of the paper. We also used paint to write on our timeline because we like the look of it but it's up to you what you use.

After we read about King Alfred burning the scones we added him to our timeline :)

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Gorgeous weekend

Of course, it still is technically the weekend for us because Tim's days off are Sunday and Monday but hey-ho!

Saturday was pizza night which is becoming a fairly regular thing here. Homemade pizza which is always jointly made by me and Tim, cola, pudding (this time tarte au citron), and much silliness.

I did a bit more Christmas shopping (so nearly done now!) and started going through the stuff that's already here and ticking it off my list. I also finished up another handmade project and, oh my!, was it ever cute! Can't say what it is though because this blog gets read by certain people! :D

Yesterday was a real family day. Lying in, Mario Kart, silly games, LPS with April (me that is!), Jaffa Cakes, crochet, getting excited over the imminent arrival of snow on Animal Crossing and cuddles. Later, Tim and I had slow cooker beef in red wine for dinner (accompanied by a glass of the red stuff, naturally!) and snuggled on the sofa to watch Red Dwarf and up late ....;) All fun, so lovely.

Today I got up to a proper frost (Tim was still snoozing in bed ....awww!) Proper, gleaming, sparkling white frost. Beautiful! Really starting to feel festive now and going to get Tim to get the Christmas decs out the loft so that I can put them up when I'm ready! Oooo! Excited! Ok, it won't be for a couple of weeks but I like to have them out ready! :)

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