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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Some random pictures from the last week or so, including a craft that I've done ... I will get the photography and craft pages done ... I WILL .....

Jeffy the bun ..... he's getting on a bit now ... he's also ENORMOUS - that's April's little arm next to him!


Floyd .... I iz on ur keyboard, messin' up ur Google searches ....


Another bun - one I made for April from a free pattern at Allsorts


... she has a reversible dress ... and lopsided ears but we won't dwell on that :)


The first leaf buds of early spring on a tree in our garden


... and the first crocuses on our lawn


Have a good weekend

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Planning ahead

I so need it to be spring now! I can tolerate winter - I don't get S.A.D or anything but, towards the end, it really starts to wear thin. It gets especially bad when you can start to see the very first tentative signs of spring - we've got snowdrops popping out and actual leaf buds on one tree. Yet, we're still getting frosty mornings (and probably will do for a good month yet!). So near and yet so far.

Anyway, we having been planning on all fronts. :)

Floyd is having his last week of being made to stay indoors and then, on Saturday, we're taking him outside for the first time. The Cats Protection said to do this (3 weeks in followed by a "guided" trip outside) to help him settle in and accept this as his new home. He really wants to go outside - he keep sitting by the back door and gazing wistfully out!

Another bit of planning is the garden. I've been mentally putting together what I'm going to grow and where (got in mind spring onions, lettuce, tomatoes, some herbs and, perhaps, runner beans. I'm also going to give each of the kids a trough type planter each and let them choose what they want to grow on the understanding that it's entirely their responsibility to keep it watered and weeded! They both seem keen to do this so it might be fun.

Finally (and, ooo! this is a biggy!) - we're going to take a trip away for a few days - Centerparc. Not sure when exactly yet (could be soon, could be in a few months) but we are definately going. We've been wanting to go for a long time and, what with all the horribleness at the end of last year (Tim's mum being ill and me being ill), it would be definately nice to get away for a break. We're going to go to the nearest Centerparc to us so that we don't have to spend hours driving there and then just CHILL for a few days - swim, play adventure golf, do some archery, perhaps go riding .... aaahhh! Bliss! I just ... cannot ...wait.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boring really ... we shopped ... we cleaned

Went and did shopping this morning which was a pain in the bum. Tim has this incredibly irritating habit of suddenly vanishing in the middle of the shop (usually when I'm in the middle of talking to him!) He'll suddenly remember something we should have got from the other end of the shop or spots some "crazy" bargain somewhere and WOOSH! he's gone leaving me stood there abandoned!

Anyway, that done, we decided to do some cleaning this afternoon ..... I've no idea what brought this on *laughs*. I tidied EVERYWHERE and polished and and he took the bins out and hoovered. Oh, and I repaired the front of his keyboard case which was ripped in what, I believe, may have been one of Hemmy's last acts of pointless vandalism before quitting this mortal coil. It's been bugging me for ages.

Other than all this tedious shopping and cleaning I HAVE been pondering much over what to do with this website now my homeschool stuff is going elsewhere. Actually, the old homeschool blog archives are staying but all the materials and whatnot are moving. So I'm going to have lots of space and a WHOLE website just for this blog doesn't seem justifiable! I'm obviously going to give the whole site a makeover (new graphics and backgrounds and so on) but after that I'm stumped. Perhaps a crafts page or a page for my nature related stuff ... maybe recipes .... hmmm? What to do?!

Answers/suggestions on a postcard ..........

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mad week

Been a rather manic few days. We've had to have a new shower fitted because ours died. The landlord decided to splash out and get us a rather expensive, flashy one but when the electrician came to fit it last week he discovered the wiring was a bit knackered. Worse than that it was, apparently, dangerous! This surprised us because the other shower had only been fitted (by someone else), 2 years ago when they re-did the bathroom. I said to him that, surely, the other people had obviously thought it was ok. He said, "it's not ok ... it's really not ok". Um... righto. By all accounts we're extremely lucky not to have had a housefire. Heavens! Go and have a shower and BURN the house down! Fantastic. So, he came back this Monday and put in all new wiring which took FOREVER and resulted in us having the electric turned off for most of the day. He left and Tim went to have a shower ... he was in there less than 5 minutes when the thing stopped working and fused the rest of the house. Perfect.

We phoned Richard, the landlord, who was INCREDIBLY apologetic (almost beside himself by the sounds of it) and arranged for someone to come round first thing this morning to sort it out. Anyway, long story short ... it now works and is utterly blissful! :)

What was also utterly blissful was the weather today. Sunshine, blue sky! Ahhh! more of that please! Even the birdies outside seemed positively ecstatic and making much noise!

Floyd has now settled in nicely and has stopped hiding in the shower. In fact, he's doing a pretty good line in taking over the place ... witness....

"my floor"


"my sofa"


"my bed"


"actually, Floyd, I think you'll find that's April's bed"

"no, it's mine"

"oh, ok then, she'll have to sleep on the floor I guess"

"no because that's mine as well, REMEMBER?!"

"oh yeah, silly me"

"idiot human"

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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Keith Floyd? Nope

Pink Floyd? Nope

Very-fat-once-abandoned-but-now-not-kitty-cat Floyd? Could beeee!

Yep, say hello to Floyd - adopted (today!) from the Cats Protection. So gorgeous. So friendly and loveable and currently wimping out in our shower! Actually, he's had a little wander round the house and had some noms (food) and now he's sat (in the shower) purring happily. Oh, I love him already :) He's older than we were intending to get - we went to the centre with the intention of getting one under 3 years but we saw Floyd rolling about on his shelf and miaowing silently at us from behind the glass and said "him". He's 6 so, hopefully, we'll have years and years of happiness with him :)



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Monday, January 10, 2011

I need a cat :(

I'm missing my cat cuddles very, very much and it's making me sad. So, rather than wait until the spring, Tim and I have decided to go to some local cat rescue places and give a home to a poor, unwanted kitty-cat :)

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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hemmy had to be put to sleep yesterday evening. I shall actually miss him more than I thought possible - his insane antics drove me nearly potty sometimes .... but that's what made him .... him. He was beautiful and silky and had the most amazing huge amber eyes. He was a feisty little so and so right up to the last day despite being (as it turned out) very ill. Yesterday morning he went out for his last walk and STILL manage to pull himself up on to the high fence in our back garden. Despite his bin raiding, speaker clawing, snoring, smelly breath and savaging your hand whilst you smoothed him (whilst still purring!) .... I'll miss him. I've cried buckets over the last few hours.

Join me in a little remember Hemmy compilation of pictures ... only a minute long. I could have used some sad music but, somehow, that wouldn't have suited him and the little jazzy tune I chose was MUCH more him. The very first picture was taken many years ago when Rosie was a baby ... oh how we laughed when we found him sat in the high chair, for all the world looking like he was waiting for lunch! It deserves the LOLCAT treatment really ..... "I'm in ur highchair, eatin' ur babyfood".

Make video montages at

Night Night Hem.... Night Night.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ha ha ha

Hemmy: "What ya lookin' at? Well? Huh? Oh, SO I've forgotten to put my tongue away have I? Is that ANY reason to stand there pointing and laughing?! Sheesh! Humans!"


Hem does this a lot lately - we put it down to his advancing years *laughs*

Had a nice little surprise today - Tim went to church (twice no less!) and, this morning, came back with a large gift bag. Oooo! What could it be? Turns out that one of the elderly ladies at the church had, sadly, passed away but that she'd been very into crafts and card making. Anyway it was remembered that we homeschool and do a lot of crafts and some of her bits and bobs were passed on to us. I thought it was such a lovely thing to do! :) We got some really nice fancy edged scissors, loads of glue and glitter and different types of paper and card. There also card making stamps and stencils - what a great surprise!

Rosie also got a surprise today in the form of a gift voucher for Amazon from her Aunty Sarah and Uncle Rob - it was a late birfday pressie. She's excited because she's can now look for more DS games! She's been having great fun with hers and has been happily sharing with me (she's more generous than I would have been at that age I'm ashamed to say!), so that we can both play animal crossing. We've also both got into Lego Harry Potter although she's waaaay ahead of me in the game! :)

Right, must go, Tim's back from the church evening service and it's nearly dinner time!

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Hemmingway sums it up

Can almost hear him thinking "it's just too hot man" as he flakes out on on the dining chair. Poor Hemmy, all that black fur can't help any!


Yes, it was definately a tad TOO hot today. My slothness (is that a word?) continued ALL day and the best I could manage was this:


Since it was too hot to do anything too physical, I terrorised the neighbours instead. I'm learning. I used to know how to play the recorder (I used to be able to read music!) but I've forgotten both. Since I'm deeply envious of my husband's ability to make lovely music and since I'd like to be able to play SOMETHING at least to a reasonable standard, I thought I'd start with this. I have also got a clarinet but that needs new reeds so the recorder it was. As I did used to play, I'm picking it up fairly quickly so hopefully the neighbours won't be needing the ear plugs for too long!

Oh, and here's something I did yesterday - my "raking gravel tray". This is a sort of Wabi Sabi thing - very relaxing. April likes to move the pebbles around and rake the sand and every time I look at it there's a different pattern - a sort of ever-changing piece of art! :)


As I did the tray, I rearranged some of our shelves too - swapped 2 of them around. The shelf with the tray looks pretty nice with some of April's toys and a few books:


The other shelf has the kids nature table, more books and a few instruments (REALLY want to get a glokenspiel next - April would love it - she enjoys music very much). I do like to have good quality, "proper" instruments (as opposed to the crappy "kids" instruments you can get which aren't actually very useful). Tim got these ages ago when he worked in the music shop.

..... but, the shelf sorting was yesterday ..... before it got TOO hot .... man.  

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Poorly :(

My turn to be not well today - not hideously ill, just got a really, really nasty grinding sore throat. Not sure if it's going to turn into anything more - don't think it's decided yet :(

Anyway, despite that, have been cleaning and tidying stuff today. The kids school work shelves had become really cluttered and dusty and it was horrible so I've given them a good going over and unearthed some forgotten materials that we can have fun with at the same time.

Our boiler has been fixed - something to do with the ignition cable had come off or something .... *looks blank*. Tim got his hair cut, it's much shorter now (not SHORT I hasten to add!) and he looks very yum ;) Tomorrow afternoon we're taking the kids to Honeybrook Farm - looking forward to that as we haven't been there since early last year!

Right I've got to go and homeschool-blog and then I'm going to crash out for a bit ... really don't feel too bright. Will leave you with a picture I took of Hemmy yesterday sprawled out in the sun.

Put your tongue away - you don't know where it's been! (actually, I can guess where it's been .... urrgh!)


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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our boiler ....

Note: I originally tried to post this last night but was having trouble with my web hosting service and, as a consequence, I could publish my blog. Ah well! Here it is - probably a bit "old news" but never mind!

.... is a complete load of pants. I cannot remember just how many times it's broken down since we've lived here but it's only gone and bloody done it again *grinds teeth*. Anyway, the landlords have (probably having sensed the VAST amount of barely-supressed irritation in Tim's email to them), arranged for someone to come tomorrow morning. Hope he jolly well fixes it - it's getting a tad tedious boiling the kettle every single time I want to wash up!

We did our shopping this afternoon - food mostly, but got a few other bits as well namely a new short sleeve shirt for Tim (black .... obviously) and some socks (yawn!) and a Tom and Jerry tshirt for April was was everso cute :) The traffic was absolutely appalling today - it took us AGES to get to Tim's work to get his wages and then it took us AGES to get to Castlepoint and then it took us AGES to get home again .... was a very long afternoon!

Tomorrow morning Tim is off to have his hair cut (at long flipping last!) and he shall miss the arrival of Dave-the-boiler-fixer. Right now we're going to have dinner ... making some fish thing from one of Nigel Slater's books - never had it before, hope it's not yukky!

Oh, and Hemmy did eventually come back - he was gone from 7.30 till 11.00 this morning which is really, really unusual for him. Tim was coming out with things like "maybe he's gone off to be on his own (to quit this mortal coil) and that will be that". Noooo! He can't go yet! He hasn't ANYWHERE near finished clawing the front of our speakers to bits yet ... unfinished business - the worse kind ;)

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coffee, toast, thoughts

Just finishing up breakfast before I get on with the day - got something I don't have all that much this morning - toast - lovely thick white bread, loads of butter and the yummy marmalade Tim gets from his work (we used to also get some utterly divine raspberry jam from there as well but he seems not to be able to get it now which is terribly disappointing). Coffee - proper (as opposed to yukky instant) with a splash of cream (naughty, naughty!) Normally I have cold cereal and a cup of tea but just occasionally the coffee/toast combo hits the right spot :)

Anyway, no nice walks today, we're off out after lunch to go into Tim's work so he can grab his wages and then we're off to Castlepoint to do some shopping. The weather continues to be (and is supposed to be at least until the end of the weekend) very gorgeous indeed so we have plans for the next few days - hopefully going to try and grab some photos on our little expeditions - haven't put any really good family pictures up here for ages!

Just waiting for Hemmy to come back ...... he was sick much earlier this morning and then went off outside and hasn't come back yet. This isn't really that normal because the dear old thing tends to spend most of his time indoors these days and I don't think he's really been "himself" lately. Worried ... don't want him to disappear and not come back :( He's very old ......

Also a bit worried about my friend Natalie who's been very ill and, according to her facebook page still is! Not heard a peep out of her for days and days - so, if you read this Nats, hope you are (or will be soon!) feeling better!

Anyway, better get on - shower, dress, force Tim out of bed ..... bye bye!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Catching up

So, continuing where I left off ..... after a few days of not doing much on account of not being ABLE to do much, the house was left a tip so today I've been making a start on getting things back into shape.

April is still really, really poorly and has spent much of the day lying on the sofa coughing, sneezing and looking sad. She also has this weird thing (which she's had ever since she was a baby) that every time she gets a cold she also gets a weepy, gungy eye. No idea why but she's got it again this time. Poor little honey.

One thing I forgot to mention was that on Wednesday we decided to go for a little walk up Hengistbury Head. Not sure it was a fabulous idea in retrospect because I was still a bit weedy and April was suffering but I guess the fresh air did us good. We didn't actually go "up" on to the head itself but walked round onto the beach for a bit and collected pebbles (April wants to make pebble animals).

Ummm... what else .... oh yeah, yesterday Rosie and Tim went to Pampurred Pets and brought Jeff a new cage - a plastic indoor one. The one he was in before was what he came with and it was wood and got a bit smelly. The plastic will be much more hygenic and looks heaps better - the only thing is that it is only single storey whereas the old one had an upstairs. Jeffy has been downsized to a bungalow *laughs*

Apart from catching up with the cleaning today I've been making some grammar cards for Rosie to use. God, the bloody table thing in Open Office drives me potty! Anyway, did them eventually - will probably pdf them and stick them on the homeschool blog (in case anyone reading this also reads the other blog also!)

Think that's it .... think so.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh the cheek of it!


I made the lovely little cushion in the picture above - I filled it with lavender and it was soooo soft and gorgeous to hug when I was snuggled on the sofa .... like I wanted to to today because the weather was horrid and I felt a bit not-right after having McYuk Burgers for dinner last night (shame on us!) I wanted to sit down, do some sewing and cuddle my cushion but, alas, it's been stolen!

This picture was taken yesterday but Hemmy was on it again today! Guess I'll have to make another. Anyway, at least it gave us a cute photo of him and a chance for me to do something silly with Photoshop ;)

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