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Monday, January 31, 2011

Planning ahead

I so need it to be spring now! I can tolerate winter - I don't get S.A.D or anything but, towards the end, it really starts to wear thin. It gets especially bad when you can start to see the very first tentative signs of spring - we've got snowdrops popping out and actual leaf buds on one tree. Yet, we're still getting frosty mornings (and probably will do for a good month yet!). So near and yet so far.

Anyway, we having been planning on all fronts. :)

Floyd is having his last week of being made to stay indoors and then, on Saturday, we're taking him outside for the first time. The Cats Protection said to do this (3 weeks in followed by a "guided" trip outside) to help him settle in and accept this as his new home. He really wants to go outside - he keep sitting by the back door and gazing wistfully out!

Another bit of planning is the garden. I've been mentally putting together what I'm going to grow and where (got in mind spring onions, lettuce, tomatoes, some herbs and, perhaps, runner beans. I'm also going to give each of the kids a trough type planter each and let them choose what they want to grow on the understanding that it's entirely their responsibility to keep it watered and weeded! They both seem keen to do this so it might be fun.

Finally (and, ooo! this is a biggy!) - we're going to take a trip away for a few days - Centerparc. Not sure when exactly yet (could be soon, could be in a few months) but we are definately going. We've been wanting to go for a long time and, what with all the horribleness at the end of last year (Tim's mum being ill and me being ill), it would be definately nice to get away for a break. We're going to go to the nearest Centerparc to us so that we don't have to spend hours driving there and then just CHILL for a few days - swim, play adventure golf, do some archery, perhaps go riding .... aaahhh! Bliss! I just ... cannot ...wait.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've made such great strides with my new homeschool website that I took a break today. Instead, we went to Christchurch to walk along the river and by the priory and ruins. The kids wanted to feed the ducks so we took some bread. Rosie actually hand fed a SWAN! These things terrifying me and April looks so tiny compared to a full grown swan that I'm constantly panicking when she goes near them and saying "mind the swan April ... MIND THE SWAN!!!"

We went up the hill to the ruins and the wind was blasting around the place giving us cold, chilly and achey ears which wasn't good. Anyway, we had a nice walk and came back for a cup of tea which WAS good :)

This evening Tim and I are being bad and having KFC for dinner - Zingerburgers yum yum yum! We don't do the takeaway thing very often so it is a nice treat .... just waiting for Tim to get back with it now .... wish he'd hurry - I'm soooo hungry!

While he's been out I've been helping Rosie paint an ancient Egyptian mummy case with bright coloured acrylic paint. Actually, it's a picture of one as she's going to make a mummy case shaped book to do a project on Egyptian death and burials and stuff. Hey, I'm veering into home ed territory here ..... save that for the other site :)

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

We went to Moors Valley Country Park this afternoon for some VERY much needed exercise and fresh air. It was drizzling on and off but that did not in any way dampen our fun - on the contrary - there is something rather liberating about thinking "well, I can't avoid getting mucky so what the heck - might as well enjoy it!". We did, we really did.

We squelched along muddy paths through the woods as we worked our way round the (enormous) play trail. We slid down muddy slides, crawled through muddy tunnels, climbed up muddy ropes and ladders and wobbled along muddy balance beams. We walked along the Tree Top Trail (trying say that fast) and got a good view of the forest and barely saw another human being through the whole thing!

We also went in the more regular (although still the best I've ever seen) playground and zipped down zip-wires (rather, Tim did, we declined after seeing the way he crashed into the poles at the end although it was obviously fun for him because he did it again!) April loved the knights castle - a huge climbing structure set in an enormous sand pit - and spent much time clambering around it and sliding down the rain and sand-encrusted slide.

We spent just over a couple of hours there and got back to the car soggy, muddy and sandy but with very pink cheeks and grumbly tummies ready for tea :)

PS - if you're ever down Dorset way and fancy visiting Moors Valley, it's WELL worth it - if you go to this page there is a video which gives you a pretty good overview of the park. It's actually for Go Ape which is a climbing thing you can do there but the video has also got shots of the Play Trail and April's much loved knights castle :)

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas begins here

We were going to put up our tree today but, due to being very sad over the weekend (for obvious reasons), decided to go ahead and do it on Saturday to try and cheer ourselves up. It did kind of work and made us smile.


Tim and I had a nice meal Saturday night (a late Birthday meal!) and watched The Matrix (I got him the trilogy for his Birthday. Yesterday we went over his mum's for dinner again for his birthday and, again, put off from Friday for obvious reasons!

It's weird without Hemmy .... he's been with us for EVER and I still keep expecting him to come strolling across the garden or scrape madly on the back door to be let in or do his level best to trip me up when I get something out the fridge! It's also the first time, since we got together, that we haven't had a cat at all and that's weird too. One day, maybe in the spring, we'll get a kitten (I'd love a Silver Tabby but no way I could afford one!) ... a new "baby" for our family. Right now though, I couldn't even THINK about replacing Hem. Don't want to.

I've been "pottering" today - wrapping a few stocking presents, glitterizing fircones for a hallway shelf display I'm doing, making lists of presents I still need to get and food we need to get! I'm going to do one last REALLY BIG tidy up before Christmas but am going to wait until Tim is at work because I get on so much better without his lanky frame in the way heehee! Any case, it will be nice for him to come home to :)

We also promised the kids we'd take them to see the insane "road full of Christmas lights" in Poole like we did last year. Last year we did a little video of them which we won't bother with this year so if you want to see the insane "road full of Christmas lights" go here .... go on, you know you want to ....... *laughs*. Watch the video - it's at the end of it.

PS - Talking of insane Christmas lights you HAVE to watch this! Apparently, it's a charity thing which is just as well because otherwise they're neighbours would just LOVE them. House christmas lights set to some VERY irritating techno "music" (so brace yourself) - very clever though

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

I really must be getting old!

Aaaah! Sunday! At one point my most hated day of the week (school on Monday!) now .... I'm starting to feel a strange contentment when Sunday rolls round. We've got the radio on (Nicholas Parsons doing "Just a Minute"), the gentle hum of the washing machine, April quietly playing Starfox Adventures on the Gamecube (a game I love as much for it's atmospheric music as much as anything), slightly steamed up windows because it's a cold day and the smell of Sunday lunch cooking (roast beef and yorkshire puddings). It's all "nice" and reassuring and gentle and homely and ..... right.

I need reassuring and gentle at this moment in time. Had to make an excruciatingly difficult decision about a member of my family (my brother) today that filled me with sadness. Not a decision I really wanted to make but one I felt I HAD to make based on circumstances and what is best for me and Tim and the kids. I found out something yesterday that made me feel like I was being sucked back into a whirlpool that, a few years ago, I climbed out of and felt relief. Yesterday I felt panicky and stressed again ....... the decision had to be made, however painful.

Tim and I are a lot different from pretty much everyone else in my family (although, thankfully, not HIS family). We're terribly old fashioned really - keeping to "traditional" routines, joining in with our kids and getting madly excited at Christmas and birthdays, bringing them up on a diet of "family traditions" (like me going out at the crack of dawn EVERY Easter to hide eggs for them to look for!) We try (go out of our way) to bring up our kids in a way which is peaceful ..... childhood is short, fleeting, it shouldn't be anything less than idyllic (or at least as much as we can make it) - the kids deserve nothing less. More than that though, LIFE is fleeting - I want MY life and Tim's life and the kids life to be HAPPY and relaxed. It can't be that way if things are stressing us and, so, hard decisions have to be made.

We've got our "way" of doing things and we're happy with that ... Nicholas Parsons and steamed up windows on a cold day and roast beef and all that ............. today is a little sad but that shall pass ....

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seeing spots

Today was the Pudsey Party at April's Rainbows group (in aid of Children in Need). We had 2 instructions - bring some cakes and make sure April wore something spotty. First request was no problem - behold spotty cakes :)


The second request wasn't so easy because april owns not a spot (ha ha) of spotty clothing apart from her wellies which would have been too hot (in any case they were caked in mud from bonfire night). Hmm .. what to do? what to do? Being ever such a resourceful mummy I came up with the idea of a big floppy spotty hair bow! Two strips of white fabric, sewn together and hand painted with spots!


April has fallen asleep standing up by the looks of it, but oooh! she's such a cute babba with her hair up like this :)


So, we all trundled off to the Guide hall and spent lots of money on cakes and putting coins on the cut-out Pudsey and watched April take part in the games (which were very loud!) Our favourite was "Beans" which we actually play at home sometimes and is SO funny. Maybe I'll video the kids playing it one day to show you the game in case you want to know .... SURELY you do?! *laughs*

Oh and don't forget, tomorrow night - Children in Need on telly! Tune in and donate if you can!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Work avoidance post

Got stuff to do - can't be bothered (bad me!), so I'm blogging about yesterday to get out of doing anything else.

Tim was at work in the morning and so I just did "homey" stuff and the boiler man came round to give our boiler it's annual service. He was quite surprised because it normally takes him about half an hour to go round and bleed the HUGE amounts of air out of our system but there was hardly any!

In the afternoon, when Tim got back, we had a few errands to run. First, we had to go and collect a little treat courtesy of one of my lovely blog readers Amanda :) She'd emailed me to say that they had some tickets for Liberty's Owl and Raptor Centre which they couldn't use because of being ill and they had to be used by the end of Sunday and would I like them? Ooo! yeah! We only went there a few months ago but I do love those birds :) So, we stopped round her place and picked them up and then went shopping. We got a pumpkin (oh my god, just WAIT for my yearly pumpkin carving effort - all mine ALWAYS end up looking like they've been at the Bailey's while we were out), sweeties, a witches hat for Rosie (she's making her own costume this year!) and general foody stuff. We then also went to visit Tim's mum - it's been a few days because the ward was closed to visitors due to a virus. She's been moved to another bed (every flipping time we go there we have to play hunt-for-Jill because she's been moved!) She's insanely bored now but is doing loads of physio so hopefully (fingers crossed!) she could be coming home quite soon. However, she also got to have another brain scan first though to make sure the bleeding has definately stopped.

Then, in the evening, it was my weekly dose of Autumnwatch - fabulous programme. Not sure what Kate Humble was wearing last night though - obviously some kind of coat but looked more like she'd been doing some decorating and came out with her paint-splattered smock on by accident! Best bit for me was right at the end in Unsprung where they had a Hooper Swan brought in by someone - it was a tame one. Now, I'm terrified of swans and always give them a wide berth when we go into Christchurch for a walk but this was one I wouldn't mind meeting - it was cute! Very funny when it was eating a bunch of grapes and showering poor Chris Packham in juice and squishy bits! :)

So that's that. Guess I'd better get on with something!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Forgotten Monday!

Aaah! forgot to blog this at the time! On Monday the weather was heavenly (cold to start with but warmed up later) so we went off for a walk in the New Forest. How I LOVE living right on the doorstep of this gorgeous place! Of course, so vast is it, that we only wandered around a small bit - we tramped through spooky woods and found several, really old, hollowed out trees:


Scrambled up very steep slopes (leaving poor April shattered judging by this pic!) - this was actually a LOT steeper than it looks:


Played on a swing someone had hung up in a tree (very thin swing seat that was easy to slip off of hence me keeping a close eye on April!) Hmm, don't like the fact that I seem to have developed a slight double chin in this picture - I really don't have one - bad picture!

Played in the sand! Yes, really! There was a HUGE sandy slope that looked, for all the world, like it should have been right by the seashore! It just seemed really odd in the middle of a forest! Check out how Rosie is only a fraction shorter than me now - actually she's stood on slightly lower ground so I guess she must be about the same height .... my kids sometimes call me "little-mum-mum" ... not surprising really is it?!

.... and was left almost speechless by (slightly misty autumnal), beautiful views :)

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Just a day

Going to blog quickly as dinner is nearly ready! Actually, it's a rather nice lamb casserole which I made (and bunged in the slow cooker) waaay back at 8.30 this morning. We visited Tim's mum in hospital this evening (more on that in a sec) so wanted something that would be ready when we got back.

Anyway so I did that, did a load of washing and got it outside to dry (wow! still drying washing outside at this time of year!), did some work with the kids, made lunch and then phoned Tim to get him to bring me some plastic boxes back from work. These are like sort of ice cream tubs that they use at his work to put stuff like bicarb in - he can get empty ones really cheap. I needed them because I was absolutely sick of the appalling mess in our craft cupboard and wanted to sort it out. So, Tim gets back with my boxes and I sorted it and now I've got paint brushes in one box, collage stuff in another, tissue paper in another and so on - they're all labelled and stacked neatly. I am in tidy heaven :)

Tim's sister came over to sit for us (April has had a cold so we didn't want to inflict that on the poor hospital patients) and we went to visit mum. She is REALLY getting there! Her face is pretty much normal, she is gaining some mobility back - she can use her phone and text and stuff now. She was very chatty and seemed quite perky :) They have this goal for her that when she can get up, into a wheelchair, to the loo, back in a wheelchair and back into bed by herself then she can go home (obviously she'll have help still when she gets home). Anyway, she's really going for it - very determined :)

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Windy beach!

Went on a beach walk today - a loooong beach walk! It was incredibly windy but, goodness, it blew the cobwebs away!

Me and April scrambling about


There were loads and loads of these starlings in the carpark!


April and Rosie


See what I mean about it being windy? HAHAHAHA!!

April playing

Me and Rosie (bad quality pic because it was a still taken from a video clip but I love the sky in this for some reason!)

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ha ha ha

Hemmy: "What ya lookin' at? Well? Huh? Oh, SO I've forgotten to put my tongue away have I? Is that ANY reason to stand there pointing and laughing?! Sheesh! Humans!"


Hem does this a lot lately - we put it down to his advancing years *laughs*

Had a nice little surprise today - Tim went to church (twice no less!) and, this morning, came back with a large gift bag. Oooo! What could it be? Turns out that one of the elderly ladies at the church had, sadly, passed away but that she'd been very into crafts and card making. Anyway it was remembered that we homeschool and do a lot of crafts and some of her bits and bobs were passed on to us. I thought it was such a lovely thing to do! :) We got some really nice fancy edged scissors, loads of glue and glitter and different types of paper and card. There also card making stamps and stencils - what a great surprise!

Rosie also got a surprise today in the form of a gift voucher for Amazon from her Aunty Sarah and Uncle Rob - it was a late birfday pressie. She's excited because she's can now look for more DS games! She's been having great fun with hers and has been happily sharing with me (she's more generous than I would have been at that age I'm ashamed to say!), so that we can both play animal crossing. We've also both got into Lego Harry Potter although she's waaaay ahead of me in the game! :)

Right, must go, Tim's back from the church evening service and it's nearly dinner time!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beautiful walk

We enjoyed what is probably going to be the last REALLY nice, warm day of the year (apparently the temps are going to drop a fair bit by the end of the week), and went to Avon Heath for a walk through the woods. We do love it there and it's really convenient - less than 5 minutes up the road and we're in gorgeous woodland. It was just perfect in the gentle autumnal sunshine .... I can't actually put it into words! We spotted LOADS of different types of mushrooms/toadstools, collected some fircones (which we put away to decorate at Christmas) and just enjoyed the peace (we didn't see another person for the whole walk!)

Here are some pictures - look at that gorgeous light :) I love the second-to-last photo, it looks almost magical!






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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nice day :)

Absolutely lovely weather today - really warm and sunny :)

This morning we had ANOTHER builder come round about our fascias - landlord actually emailed to apologise for "all the comings and goings of trades people"! After he'd been, we went off to Tim's work to pick up his wages (where I waited until he'd gone inside and moved his car seat forward for a joke and he had trouble getting his tall body in HAHAHAHA!*) and then stopped off at Tesco and spent far too much money. It was one of those weeks where we'd run out of EVERYTHING so it was stock up time (oh, and I got my cross stitch magazine and am SO happy because it has a Christmas card making kit with it!)

Speaking of crafts, I've started another bear - April loved the first one so much that I had to give it to her! Problem is, I can see her loving this next one too!

Have been looking forward to the start of Autumnwatch on telly but, apart from knowing it starts some time at the beginning of October, I don't know the exact date! The BBC seems to be being very secretive about it! Can't wait - love that programme.

We are planning some walks and other "outings" over the course of Tim's holiday but, tomorrow, it's meant to be raining so it's a quick trip to Hobbycraft for me to stock up on some basics (toy stuffing mostly!) and then a crafty day I think. Suits me! :)

*Which the kids and I found UTTERLY hilarious but he CLAIMED to not find amusing (although I caught him doing that "I'm trying not to laugh" smirk! Oh, and yes, I'm really childish sometimes - being serious and grown up for too long makes me fidget!

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tim has 2 days off in a row (THERE'S a novelty!) so, as the weather was gorgeous today, we went off for a walk. We went to Hengistbury Head and it was lovely as usual - definately starting to look a little autumnal - very pretty.

It all went splendidly well until April took a tumble down a very steep and slidey slope and landed untidily at the feet of some people walking the other way at the bottom. She then screamed blue murder and said that her arm "really, really hurt!". We checked her all over and, fortunately, she was ok physically - just shocked more than anything. She was quite subdued for the rest of the walk though which was sad :( Poor babba. Anyway, here are some piccies ....

The kids (pre-tumble!) swinging from a fallen tree


Tim. Relaxing :)


The Polar Bear! This is looking out to the Isle of Wight


Rosie found a grasshopper


April, again pre-tumble


Nice view


Me! Tim was further up the tree and I was scrambling up to him!


Rosie gazing off somewhere


Finally, this is AFTER the tumble - poor old April needed Tim to give her a carry on the way back to the car - you can tell she looks a bit sad in this picture .... ahhh!


Apart from the fall, a really nice walk AND we've got a whole other day tomorrow to spend before Tim goes back to work!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Come to Bournemouth and HEAR some planes! Yay!

The Bournemouth airshow was, literally, a wash out this year. Heavy rain and low cloud meant it would have been pretty much impossible to SEE anything! Oh dear. We did, however, get to see the Red Arrows flying over our house (quite some distance from Bournemouth Beach!) - in fact they flew so low that they made April and I scream (and Tim laugh at us!) Anyway, it was, according to Tim, utterly dead down the beach thus rendering his stupid early starts completely pointless. This whole month has been really screwed up by his overtime - we had loads of things planned which we've had to scrub altogether or move to another time - it's been a rather disjointed month.

Anyway, one happy person this month is Rosie Nicole :) We picked her up from her 4 day Guide camp yesterday and she was FULL of chatter about what she'd done. The rain hadn't effected them too badly (apart from the last night when someone didn't put the side of their tent down properly and the rain got in and soaked their sleeping bags!) According to the Guide leader, Rosie and a friend had got into hysterics one evening over some rice pudding ... Rosie, however, will not share the joke with me ... I dread to think! *laughs*.

She took loads of piccies and she said I could share some of then with you so here goes ...she went on daytrips to Monkey World, Marwell and some place in Ringwood where she did air rifle shooting and archery.

Soggy Rosie, as taken by a friend


She took this from inside her tent


a monkey!

I love these pengys - especially the 2 on the right hand side that look like a sweet little old married couple out for a shuffly walk!



Finally, a bird which landed on the table next to her when she was eating lunch - not sure if this is a crow or a jackdaw ....

So that's that. The long awaited camping trip is over and I'm now ploughing through a mountain of washing (stinky campfire smell washing). August is nearly over - Tim has nearly finished with his vast amounts of overtime and will soon, once again, be home more to exert some manly authority (ha! ha!) on a house-load of females who are (frankly) digging their heels in at the thought of "back to school" (even back to HOME school!) Oh god, work *sigh* ... maths!! *sigh, SIGH* ... paperwork *GROAN!!!!* I'm just feeling too damn lazy ... I know what he will say - "pull yourself together woman!"

Pah! Go 'way!


PS - Now the airshow is done, today is fairly sunny and cloud free. Obviously.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

See you soon!

Rosie that is. We loaded up the car this morning with various bits of camping stuff and took our eldest offspring to her first ever Guide camp. She found a girl called Helen that she gets on well with pretty much as soon as we got there and went off with her so we left and came on home. She's going to be gone for 4 days - the longest time she's ever been away from us and, to be honest, I'm finding it harder to deal with than her (I don't think she's finding it that hard at all!) I've been going around all day constantly worried about her!

Anyway, I shall have much to occupy me over the next few days as I'm using the time she's not here to decorate her bedroom - it hasn't been done since she was about 7! Gone is the dinosaur border (although she still loves her dinos) and (soon) will be gone the pink walls. Instead she's having - her choice - of a rather lovely soft apple green. I'm making her some cute accessories for the room to which I'll photograph when I'm done. I think it's going to look gorgeous :)

Taking advantage of her absence - we also went off to the shops and grabbed her birthday pressie as well .... can't say what it is yet because her birthday isn't until the end of September and she might see this!

So that was today. Tomorrow, Tim has to go to work STUPIDLY early (he has to get up just past 3.00 a.m!!!!!!!) because it's the Bournemouth Airshow and they are expecting to be busy. I shall be doing more painting - did the glossing today and starting on the apple walls - and trying to entertain April at the same time. April is, in fact, utterly desolate without Rosie .... poor child!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It rained!

It did! After a seemingly endless period of hot dryness, it finally rained .... and very welcome it was too :)

I've got to get on soon .... but here's a quick roundup of yesterday.

Tim went off out in the morning and did some "financial" related stuff then, later, he had to go and accompany someone for their grade 6 singing exam. Apparently, she can sing really well and wasn't nervous at all before she went in but then forgot the words to the song and went a bit "shaky". Oh dear :( Tim says he doesn't know how much of that will go against her but hopefully she did ok. Anyway, he went out first (I guess she still had some stuff to do in there) and spoke to her mum and singing teacher about what happened. Then, the singing teacher asked if he'd consider helping out her (gospel!) choir doing their singing practices once a week (and she'd pay him!) This, of course, is extremely tempting HOWEVER, once a month Tim plays for a church and that includes a Thursday evening practice. Thursday is also the day the gospel choir have their practice so I'm not sure what he's decided about it - I know he wouldn't want to let the church down, he's been playing for them for years.

How about my own tiny musical attempts? Well, still been practicing my recorder - coming on ok! The book I'm learning from is actually for kids (I should probably find something more grown up!) - I've got to the point where I'm playing proper little tunes and it says at the top of one page "ask an adult to accompany you on the piano". Ha! Ha! Ha! Tiiiim?! Anyway, he did and I think he thought it was quite sweet that we were making a little bit of music together for the first time :)

Yesterday evening we had to take Rosie to Branksome Dene Chine beach for her last Guides of the term. They were having a beach party (hot dogs, beach games etc). It was a lengthy trek from where we live so, as the meeting was only an hour and a half, we decided to hang around. Me and Tim took April for a play on the beach then got back in the car and went to Tesco and did a bit of shopping THEN went back to the beach for another play and by that time Rosie was done. Next time she sees some of the Guide people will be when she goes to camp in August for 4 days!

Right, I'm going to get on. We've borrowed Tim's mums carpet shampooing machine so we can do all the carpets in the house - they get very mucky with Hem and the kids tramping in and out all day!

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Carnival!

T'was a Also one in which I managed to TOTALLY fail to get ANY photographs :(

Yesterday turned out to be a frantic round of running about for me. Got up early, made Rosie's packed lunch that she needed to take with her when she went on the Girl Guide float. Then I stuck a load of washing in containing some of her clothes (she slept over a grandma's last night), then got everyone dressed and off went went to deposit Rosie at the designated meeting place in the leisure centre carpark. Having done that me and April turned around and went straight home with me having to drag her past all the huge inflatable slides and "funhouses" (the fair was actually fab with a more traditional fairground and the inflatable thing for littles). Anyway, I dragged her past not because I'm a mean mummy but because we were intending to look around it all later when we'd picked Rosie up.

So we got home .... SWELTERING! It was so, so hot. Then I got busy on the next round of washing (more clothes for Rosie's sleepover!) and sorting out lunch. Then I sorted out Rosie's bag for later and then me and April changed into cooler clothes in preparation for the walk BACK to the carnival. I phoned Tim at this point to see if he'd be back in time to go with us and he said that he was on his way home but had to make a delivery on the way so it was touch and go. Well, I waited and waited for him but then got a phone call from the Guide leader to say the parade was finished a little early and Rosie was ready to pick up. Aaaargh! Now I had to shift it. So, we abandoned waiting for Tim and rushed off to get Rosie .... virtually running down the same streets and same alleyways and same field that we had trecked down only an hour or so before! I got halfway across the playing field when my phone went - it was Tim - "hello! I'm in Tesco (up the road from playing field), shall I meet you?" Erm... no .... rushing ... must get Rosie first ... meet you at kids play park in a minute!

Well, I collected Rosie (and her huge bunch of balloons that she'd been given off the float!), met up with Tim (actually, it was more a case of me spotting him in the distance and the kids charging after him going "daddy! daddeeee!") and we then went for a wander round the fair. He was still wearing his work tshirt and thus his company got a bit of free advertising that afternoon! (pah!) We didn't stay too long it was just too hot! We had a little play on some things and Tim also took the kids on the bumper cars and on a "win a toy" stall. Then it was my turn. Rosie had never been on a waltzer (is that how it's spelt?) so, since Tim had only recently had lunch, I had to go. It was horrific - I think I must be too old for such things now because I got off feeling actually quite ill! In my teenage years I would have gone on that over and over. I'm also sporting bruises around my left wrist where Rosie clung on so tight!

We finished up there and headed home to get cleaned up and changed before going out AGAIN to Tim's mums. It was Luke's 12th birthday and he was having a barbeque/pool party. We stayed there for a bit and then said goodbye to Rosie and came on because April wanted to go back to the fair for a bit. Got to the fairground only to find they'd packed up and gone! It was totally bizarre - there was no sign of it at all. The field looked like it always does on a summer evening - couple of people kicking a ball around, couple of people playing tennis and the park keeper picking up some litter! Erm. Anyway, to pacify April we went in the kids playground for a bit and then came on home (was late by this time - way past her bedtime!)

Was absolutely shattered by the time I got her in bed and flopped on the sofa!

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Sarah the sloth

Having SUCH a lazy day today (feel terrible doing that when my hubby is off out working his butt off - YET AGAIN, it would seem, making up for someone else's mistake/error/forgetfullness). However, in my defence, I CAN chill out a bit today because there isn't actually much, in the way of housework, to do. I blitzed the house yesterday pulling out furniture, cleaning skirting boards, dusting everywhere. The whole damn thing :)

It's probably just as well - it's a really hot stuffy day today - not "nice" hot but sorta headachey.

Tomorrow, I've got to walk up to the local school with Rosie as she is taking part (with the Girl Guides) in our local carnival. Apparently, they've got hold of a load of guide uniforms from over the 100 years for the girls to wear (it's their centenary this year) .... as long as they aren't too moth-eaten and smelly (ewww!) April COULD have taken part in her Rainbow unit but it's a long event (especially if it's really hot) and I think, being only very ickle still, it might be a bit much. They do it every year so she'll get her chance.

So, I'll walk Rosie up and then me and April might mooch around the fair before coming back for lunch. I'm hoping that Tim will be back in time to go collect Rosie but I SERIOUSLY doubt it. His work have developed a penchant for sending him out with huge morning deliveries and then, when he gets back, sending him out AGAIN with other huge deliveries meaning he doesn't get back till some ridiculous time in the afternoon. Last Saturday (the day when we were supposed to be leaving the house at 5.30 to go off out for our meal at the Alice Lisle), they sent him on a second delivery to SWANAGE (which involves not only getting from Christchurch to Poole but also a trip across the water on the car ferry then more driving and then the same thing all the way back - it takes AGES especially if the traffic is bad). Anyway, he didn't get back home until 5.00 - his mum had to phone the restaurant and put our meal back by half an hour to give him some extra time to get cleaned up and changed and stuff.

The funny thing is, Neil (the boss-type person who sent him out) said something along the lines of "would you mind" or "could you" (go out again). Tim laughed when he told me about it and said "wonder what he'd do if I said no?" He said it's really tempting to just stand there, totally deadpan, and say "no sorry, too busy, got to go". Since Neil, apparently, seems always a bit nervous of asking Tim, I expect the poor man would probably burst into tears *laughs*. Thing is, Tim pretty much NEVER says no - in fact, I can't remember when he last did and if he did, it would have been for a genuine reason.

.... short break to answer the door .... oooo! it's the postman ...... ooooo! another exciting package which I know contains a birthday present for me because I have been sternly forbidden by Tim to open ANYTHING which arrives. Now, it's sat (with the other packages that arrived the other day) tormenting me! My birthday is on Thursday .... big birthday y'know .... I was born in 1970  

Right, enough of this silly banter - got to go - kids lunch soon.... byee!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A break from the norm

Hello people ....

Tim's out doing the last performance of Seussical this evening. This afternoon he took me and the kids so we could watch the matinee and it was really, really fab - I was incredibly impressed! The kids loved it, especially April who enjoyed it hugely and clapped loudly at the end of every song and said she "loved the cat in the hat" but "why is Father Christmas (The Grinch!) there?" *laughs*. By the end of it she was jumping about in her seat and, I suspect, desperately wanted to get up and dance around! She definately IS the more musically minded and theatrical of the kids!

It's kind of sad that it's all over after tonight because I know Tim has enjoyed doing it and I'VE enjoyed watching him get into it and do something he loves and is wonderfully good at. On the way there in the car this afternoon we were talking about how, next week, he'd have to get back to normal - back to the normal delivering-boxes-of-food job. He sort of sighed a bit sadly and said "I'm worth so much more than that" and he is. My talented, yummy, scrummy hubby is worth much, much more than some scrubby little delivery job.

Don't get me wrong - it's good (very good!) that he has a job at all just incredibly sad that it's not doing something that he loves to bits (even working in the music shop a few years back was, at least, a nod in the right direction!) and is really good at.

Still, maybe the BOS will ask him to do something else for him again sometime now he's worked with them on one show :)

PS - added the next day! Tim brought April home one of the Cat in the Hat stripey hats that some of the band were wearing - she is massively happy! When he got home last night I was in bed reading and he came in and plonked it on my head! Anyway, here is the happy hat wearer - it's so big she can actually pull it right down and hide in it!


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