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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Best cartoons ever

This little posting was inspired by a long-running argument between my lovely husband and myself as to whether Mutley (from Wacky Races) and Roobarb (from Roobarb and Custard) are green. I maintain they both are - he says Mutley isn't - he's brown. Anyway, in an attempt to put an end to this and show that I'm right I went on You Tube. I did find Mutley and he was sort of greyish green ... Roobarb DEFINATELY green. Anyhow, it got me looking at all the other kiddie cartoons from long ago so here are a few of my faves (but no Mutley because I didn't like him)

One banana, two banana, three banana, four ... four bananas make a bunch and so do many more. They do you know. if by magic

Roobarb .... very trippy

Magic Roundabout .... even more trippy

Camberwick Green. A little known.... erm completely unknown, fact, is that Tim went to a fancy dress party as a child and he went dressed up as the windmill from Camberwick Green - not Windy Miller but the WINDMILL!!

There were many more I loved but I'll be here all night .....

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nearly Christmas!

Nearly! Nearly! Just look at this - our Christmas tree with the snow outside (and only a few days from Christmas day!) ........ I know some parts of the country got this last year but we didn't. In fact I can't rmember the last time I saw this .... beautiful!


Talking of beautiful, I saw a Bullfinch today! I've not seen one of these in our garden before (although I'm sure they must have been there) - blackbirds, bluetits, dunnocks, green woodpeckers, magpies, robins a-plenty - even a ring-necked parakeet at one point (just the one mind you), but no bullfinches. He (she?) sat there patiently while I took a TERRIBLE picture (several in fact) - look at that front-view - how fat! *laughs* BAAAAD blur going on....



In the run-up to Christmas there is always plenty of good stuff to watch on telly (I have a VERY sad habit of going through the Christmas Radio Times with a red pen marking everything I want to watch heehee!) - last night Tim and I watched Blackadder (the one with Kate/Bob) and followed that with Bridget Jones's Diary. Tonight, it's The 100 Greatest Toys with Jonathan Ross and the NEXT Bridget Jones film. Looking forward to them :)

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seeing spots

Today was the Pudsey Party at April's Rainbows group (in aid of Children in Need). We had 2 instructions - bring some cakes and make sure April wore something spotty. First request was no problem - behold spotty cakes :)


The second request wasn't so easy because april owns not a spot (ha ha) of spotty clothing apart from her wellies which would have been too hot (in any case they were caked in mud from bonfire night). Hmm .. what to do? what to do? Being ever such a resourceful mummy I came up with the idea of a big floppy spotty hair bow! Two strips of white fabric, sewn together and hand painted with spots!


April has fallen asleep standing up by the looks of it, but oooh! she's such a cute babba with her hair up like this :)


So, we all trundled off to the Guide hall and spent lots of money on cakes and putting coins on the cut-out Pudsey and watched April take part in the games (which were very loud!) Our favourite was "Beans" which we actually play at home sometimes and is SO funny. Maybe I'll video the kids playing it one day to show you the game in case you want to know .... SURELY you do?! *laughs*

Oh and don't forget, tomorrow night - Children in Need on telly! Tune in and donate if you can!

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Monday, October 18, 2010


Been a funny old day .... been feeling a bit like gloomy old Eeyore! Ok really, just everyone round here has had colds and, although I haven't caught it (yet!), I feel a bit yuk. It's odd, but on days like this I always find myself doing weird stuff that I wouldn't normally do - I'll visit websites or blogs of people I don't even especially like, even though they make me feel glummer (is that a word?!) than ever! I remember talking to a friend once who said she did exactly the same thing! You avoid doing these things like the plague until you have an "off" day and then suddenly, there you are being all weird again!

Anyway, I HAVE been making myself better by watching old bits of Blackadder on You Tube - oh how I loved Blackadder! There are SO many bits that just have me roaring with laughter that it's really hard to just pick one or two .... so I picked three!

First up, Blackadder is in court charged with shooting General Melchett's pigeon:

Next up, Dr Johnson and his dictionary ....

*laughing* Ploppy, Son of Ploppy .... hahaha!

Aaaaah! I feel better now!

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Go Pudsey!

BBC Children in Need is on Friday 19th November - and, this year, you can do a little to help AND get some cool virtual Pudsey ears! Actually mine (as seen in the fetching pic in the sidebar) are Blush's ears - Blush is Pudsey's new girly sidekick apparently :)

Anyway, make a little donation, upload a picture and choose your ears - wear with pride on your blog or Facebook, or Myspace or company website (haha!) or whatever - just get some!

Go here, or click on the picture of me to get to the "ears" website. Go here, to get to the main Children in Need website.

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Thursday, October 07, 2010


Tonight ... on telly .. Autumwatch starts!! Yeeeeesss!!

I am pleased. Can you tell? *laughs*

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nice day :)

Absolutely lovely weather today - really warm and sunny :)

This morning we had ANOTHER builder come round about our fascias - landlord actually emailed to apologise for "all the comings and goings of trades people"! After he'd been, we went off to Tim's work to pick up his wages (where I waited until he'd gone inside and moved his car seat forward for a joke and he had trouble getting his tall body in HAHAHAHA!*) and then stopped off at Tesco and spent far too much money. It was one of those weeks where we'd run out of EVERYTHING so it was stock up time (oh, and I got my cross stitch magazine and am SO happy because it has a Christmas card making kit with it!)

Speaking of crafts, I've started another bear - April loved the first one so much that I had to give it to her! Problem is, I can see her loving this next one too!

Have been looking forward to the start of Autumnwatch on telly but, apart from knowing it starts some time at the beginning of October, I don't know the exact date! The BBC seems to be being very secretive about it! Can't wait - love that programme.

We are planning some walks and other "outings" over the course of Tim's holiday but, tomorrow, it's meant to be raining so it's a quick trip to Hobbycraft for me to stock up on some basics (toy stuffing mostly!) and then a crafty day I think. Suits me! :)

*Which the kids and I found UTTERLY hilarious but he CLAIMED to not find amusing (although I caught him doing that "I'm trying not to laugh" smirk! Oh, and yes, I'm really childish sometimes - being serious and grown up for too long makes me fidget!

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I'm worse than the shops!

I got the October issue of Papercraft Inspirations today (probably my most favourite magazine) and it had a pack of free Christmas card toppers with it. Then I went to one of my most favourite websites - Brocante Home - and found Alison talking about Christmas planning.

Then I realised that I was feeling just EVER SO SLIGHTLY festive. Yikes! It's the 8th of September for heaven's sake!

I think this may have started the other day when Tim and I were discussing various activities we have leading up to Christmas and I mentioned that I have to make my cake at the end of next month. The Christmas cake making joys seem to come round EARLIER and EARLIER each year ... or maybe it's just me....

Whatever, I do LOVE this time of the year - all that snuggling up to my lovely hubby on chilly autumn evenings, yummy-yummy food (beef in red wine done in the slow-cooker mmmmm!), Autumnwatch on telly, jolly fun festivities (we do Halloween and Guy Fawkes night, as well as Christmas, in earnest in this house!) I adore the crafts that get done at this time of year too (especially the ones with the kids) and I always feel completely inspired to try something new.

I've been busy lately turning a pair of very big (as in TOO big for me, saggy-baggy!) jeans into a really nice, fitted pencil skirt. I can't believe how well the project turned out and I've ended up with something wearable instead of something that was destined for the charity shop. Very pleased. Will do some pictures at some point.

.... and I WILL post the crabapple jelly recipe too ...... dear me, I'm slacking!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Currently melting

It's hot .... Really, really hot. Cannot complain in any way :)

We lost the football (can't complain about that either - can't stand football!) We watched a bit of the European Grand Prix (including Mark Webber's whoops) then went to the shops for some food before coming back and watching Glastonbury. Glastonbury is cool this year - there has been some great stuff on - the Pet Shop Boys were brilliant last night! Currently watching Seasick Steve with his beat-up old guitar *laughs*

Had more lettuce from my veggie plot at lunchtime - it really is gorgeous! You can't beat the flavour of lettuce that has only just been picked! Debs (hi Debs!) emailed and asked about my container garden. I did blog about it a while back but here are some piccies from today:

Yes, that is an old washing up bowl! You really can grow stuff in anything - these are baby plants that will be transferred to the bigger plot as we dig up the plants that are ready to eat. I've already transferred a couple of the lettuce. I've got some radish in the smaller pots but they're not doing so well.


.... and here is my mad experiment - the sandpit veggie plot!


I simply continue to be amazed by how well the plants have done in this! I've got white onions at the front, then baby carrots, then sweetcorn (yes, really! It's growing astonishingly well!) then my gem lettuce. What you can't see behind the sweetcorn on the right is a couple of little baby lettuce plants that I've just put in there.

This seems crazy growing these things in such a small space given that we've got a huge garden but the slugs are a real problem. I still had a fight on my hands keeping them off my sandpit veggies but I won - here's what I did.

  1. Salt. I put a ring of salt on the ground around the base of the container. I don't do poisonous slug pellets (because of the kids and birds) but I admit - I was upset about the thought of finding a load of dead slugs about the place in the salt. Do you know what though? I've had NONE! I've seen loads of live slugs on the ground OUTSIDE the salt ring but, I don't know, maybe they can sense it or something because they don't go in there!
  2. Hay. We used some that we use for Jeff our bunny - I just put a layer of it in between each row of plants. Slugs don't like the dryness of it. Apparently you can also use straw, sand and crushed eggshells.
  3. Salad. Yep, when we had some left over salad from a meal that had gone a bit limp, I chuck it on the ground near the plot. Basically, I think the slugs/snails have been stuffing themselves on that instead of my plants! I go out in the morning and find it all nibbled :)

So, a combination of these three things have saved my plants :)

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Friday, June 25, 2010

"A mother's work is never done"

....according to Richard Scarry in his utterly cute Busy Town books. He was right - it isn't, but it's all good and enjoyable and fun although I did struggle to stay cheerful when I even got interrupted about 5 times while I was trying to eat lunch *rolls eyes*.

Been doing loads of stuff with the kids today from regular "school" work to crafts and just play. We've been enjoying the very warm weather and been outside lots (the weather that is, apparently, going to be totally baking by early next week!)

I also made an apple and sultana cake - very delicious - recipe after the picture!

Preheat oven to 190/375/gas 5 and grease an 8" round cake tine.


7 oz/225g self raising flour + 1 teaspoon baking powder

1 oz/25g cornflour

4 oz/110g butter

4 oz/110g golden caster sugar

1/2 lbs/225g apples (peeled, cored and diced into very small pieces and blotted on kitchen paper to remove excess juice)

1 lemon (zest)

1 large egg beaten into 1 tablespoon milk

2 oz/50g sultanas

For top - demerara sugar


  1. Sieve flour, cornflour and baking powder into bowl.
  2. Rub in the butter until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs
  3. Stir in the sugar, apples, lemon zest and sultanas
  4. Bind together with the egg/milk mixture
  5. Spoon into tin and press down gently
  6. Sprinkle top with demerara sugar
  7. Bake for around 30-40 minutes (poke a skewer into the centre to see if it's done - it should come away "clean")
  8. Cool in the tin before turning out onto a cooling rack.
  9. Eat (preferably with a cup of tea!)

Tim got given another music job today - this time accompanying someone for a singing exam. It was through the same guy that gave him the Seussical part. This is soooo great - the more stuff Tim does like this the better - I'm really pleased for him :)

Oooo! and talking of music - The Proms starts on the 16th July (the day after my birthday in fact!) This is always much enjoyed by Tim and I over the summer months so I can't wait!

Anything else?..... Ummm... Rosie's off to camp with the Girl Guides in August! She's really looking forward to this - the camp isn't too far away but it's for 4 days and they are going out on daytrips and stuff as well. April's also out with her Guide Rainbow unit on the 8th of July on a farm trip so she's thoroughly excited about that too!

Finally, George Osborne's comment in his budget speech about people leaving the house at 6 or 7 in the morning to go to work while their unemployed neighbours sit at home with their curtains drawn. Two observations - firstly, maybe their neighbours can't get work - I'm pretty sure that not every unemployed person in this country is deliberately trying to stay that way. Secondly - 6 or 7 in the morning? Ha! Tim leaves the house at 4.45 in the morning! 6 or 7 would be a lie-in!

Oh how we laughed.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010


UK came last in Eurovision ..... still, could have been worse, could have got the dreaded "nul points" .... now THAT would have been embarrassing!

Germany won and, to give them their credit, it was a pretty catchy tune so well done them. I have to be honest and say that there were definately some songs FAR worse than ours and I don't think we deserved to be dead last (close to last .. yes .. but not ACTUALLY last).

Still, hey-ho, it was amusing - noteable moments were the "stage-crasher" who ran on in the middle of the Spanish entry (which was already weird enough given the freaky clown costumes and stuff) and the "slight-over-the-hill-but-not-realising-he-is-over-the-hill" Greek entry. He was a sort of medallion man type character, all in white who gyrated rather lamely around whilst trying to look alluring. It was a fail.

Finally, Graham Norton's comment during the scoring - after we'd not been awarded ANY points for ages, some country (can't remember who) gave us some points to which Mr Norton declared (sarcastically!) "Oh look! we're SOARING away!" and had me in giggles for ages afterwards.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Little Miss Organised

Poor old Tim has had a rough week this week! It started with being called in for overtime on Wednesday then he had some lorry driving training thing at work on Thursday (so he can drive the new trucks they're getting) and he was home really late. Yesterday he didn't finish too late but the traffic not far from here was crazy and he got stuck in it for ages and then had to turn round and take us straight back out again for Rosie's guide thing THEN he still had to go for church choir practice in the evening! Now, today, he's at work and it's absolutely chucking it down with rain so he's going to be soggy.

Soooo, I had a think this morning and decided to make him a nice slow-cooker chilli for dinner but had to scoot out and get some stuff so me and the kids got soggy too walking to Tesco! I've lost my rain coat thing and had to borrow one of Tim's but it couldn't have been more useless and when I took it off it looked like I hadn't worn a coat at all!

I've made the chilli, tidied up, wrapped up my brothers presents, fed the kids and ... well, I'm all up to date and sorted :)

Tonight I'm going to watch Eurovision - YEAH! Go Eurovision. Unbelievably tacky, crappy songs but OOOOHH! so funny! Worth watching just for the laugh it gives me :)

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I finally got round to tidying our hideous homeschool area today - put away loads of finished stuff, sorted out all the crayons and pencils and threw away the ones that were past their best, put out the kids new lesson books and so on. Finished off by grabbing some flowers out the garden and putting them on our now clear table (it was, previously, buried under a pile of paper!)

Feel better for doing that because it's been bugging me for days!

It's not been at all bad here today weather wise - cooler than it has been but still warm enough for us to have the back door open and still warm enough for April to sit out in her sandpit and play :)

Oh, and I have some "why's" ....

Why has Hemmy taken to sleeping in the most stupid places? Earlier, Tim got home from work and nearly squished Hem with the side gate which he (Hem!) was sleeping right on the other side of. Now he's stuck himself right in the middle of the "walkway" from our kitchen, in between the dining table and bookshelf! It's like he WANTS to get trodden on!

Why do I have to get SO picky about my decor? I've recently rehung my patio door curtains because they looked awful. Now they look gorgeous (especially since I've finally gotten round to putting the tie-backs on) BUT I have to store my mini rebounder down the side of the fridge/freezer and you can JUST about see it poking out from behind the curtains. I cannot tell you how much this winds me up because, as far as I'm concerned, it COMPLETELY ruins the look of my curtains. There's nowhere else for it to be stored, it has to go there but every time I look at it I feel my blood pressure going up. Tim tells me I shouldn't be so much of a perfectionist ....

Why Oh WHY do I keep getting LOADS of spam email trying to interest me in a Volvo?! I've never owned a Volvo, never expressed an interest in a Volvo and don't bloody want one! I don't get spam about any other cars (not that I want it!) just Volvos! What? Why?..... *looks blank*.


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Oooo! Can it be true?!"

.... and no, I'm not talking about making nuggets of pure green (and if you've never watched Blackadder, you won't know what I'm talking about!) I'm talking about the sudden rise in temperature after a considerable period of being ... well, cold really!


Now, to people who live in VERY hot parts of the world, this probably seems pretty chilly but for us in the UK, after shivering, this is a glorious weather forecast. Slightly bothered by those 15 overnight temps (sweaty ... urggh!) and the fact that Tim is going to be very hot on Friday at work lifting all that heavy stuff (sweaty ... urggh!)

Other than that it's very, very good :)

Watched the Springwatch special on telly last night - Chris Packham talking all about climate change and how to watch wildlife over time to find out if the climate is changing. Very, very interesting programme.

Talking of wildlife - we have something odd going on with our birdbox. A short while ago we definately had Blue Tits in there because I saw them flying back and forth from the box. This morning when I looked out, there was a Great Tit going in there. Eh? I wouldn't have thought it was long enough for the Blue Tit chicks to fledge and surely even if they did, the Great Tit wouldn't have moved in straight after? I don't know whether the Blue Tit family perished (sob!) or if they did fledge or if the Great Tit has somehow "taken over" the nest. Very strange!

One thing I do know, we can't move for magpies at the moment. Ok, slight exaggeration! We've got a lot of magpies!

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Friday, April 30, 2010

THAT sort of day

You know the sort - where EVERYTHING gets on your nerves. Just stupid little stuff.

I woke up feeling a bit out of sorts and the feeling was not in anyway helped by the fact that I realised I had no hot water. The boiler has broken again.


Right, ok. So that was that. Then I thought maybe I'd do some cleaning but was feeling too lazy. So, I did some work with the kids and that was more successful. Then they went off to do other stuff and I played around on the computer until April called for me from her room "look! mummy! there's a funny bird!" The funny bird, which was perched right at the top of our fir tree, was in fact a juvenile heron! It was huge! I rushed off to get the camera, came back, pointed and was JUST about to push the shutter when ... it flew away. Aaarrggh!

Then we had lunch - chicken dippers and smiley faces (yep, me included because I had a mad craving for "toddler food" today). April pestered me endlessly while I was grilling which resulted in me NEARLY depositing a panful of smiles on the kitchen floor and her getting ordered away.


Then, eventually, Tim got home from work and we went off to Tesco - I needed (amongst other things) some more ink but guess what? They'd sold out of the particular one for our printer.

Now ...... just about to get the kids off to bed and HOPEFULLY have a pleasant evening!

Oh, one thing that made me smile today - only 20-odd days until Springwatch! Me and Rosie love watching that and keeping an eye on the webcams at the baby birds :) ... and I...enjoy Chris Packham ...  

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Art, telly and gardening

Despite ongoing sicky-ness, we've packed a fair bit into the last couple of days. Yesterday was utterly gorgeous weather wise and April and I spent AGES hunting (quietly!) for in-progress birds nests in the garden. We stared for a long time at our resident pigeon flying backwards and fowards ALL morning with twigs in it's beak. We've also got blue tits in the bird box in between April's and Rosie's bedroom windows which is sweet :) The kids decided (eeek! a bit of homeschool stuff slipping in here!) to make maps of our garden and start plotting where birds are building nests - this is largely so that they can go back in the autumn and locate the now empty nests and investigate them!

Today (noooo! more homeschool mentioning!) Rosie was studying Picasso in art and she drew, in pastels, a Cubist portrait (hers will be on the homeschool blog if you want to look). This looked like a bit of fun so I had a go to - here is my (rather lame) effort *laughs* - the neck is too skinny and the yellow side of the face is far too "sloped" - I think there should be a gentler angle upwards and off the paper. Oh well, it's good to be creative sometimes even if it does turn out shabby :D


I started watching a new series on telly - The Wonders of the Universe (9pm BBC2, Sundays) - Empire of the Sun was the first episode and it was totally amazing! The bit with the total eclipse of the sun was incredible! If you want to watch it you can still catch the first episode on BBC iplayer for another month.

Due to the increasingly better weather (although today was a bit rubbish) and the leaf buds popping up everywhere and the crocuses on our lawn, I've gone all garden-minded :) So, today, we went to our local garden centre and came back with 2 bags of compost and a tub of plum tomato seeds. I've also got various flower seeds and herbs to plant so I think me and the kids will get started on those tomorrow or the next day.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

*Sighs with relief*

FINALLY finished knitting the square for Rosie's Guide project - JUST in time (she's going tonight!) I NEVER want to knit anything again as long as I live!

Had a day of tidying and sorting (mostly the homeschool area) today - Tim took the kids up the local park this afternoon so I could get on with it. Slightly annoyed because originally we were all going to go out somewhere for a walk having put it off from yesterday because my brother came over. Irritatingly, the weather yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and a walk at Avon Heath or Hengistbury Head would have been perfect. Anyway, in the end, I decided to skip it and get on with tidying but the kids were desperate to get out so Tim took them.

Sat down last night to watch "Rock and Chips", the prequel to Only Fools and Horses. I wasn't sure what to expect to be honest but I actually ended up rather enjoying it. It wasn't hysterically funny (like a lot of bits in Only Fools was), other than the bit in the pregnancy testing place. Del's mum had gone there to get a test after her relationship with Freddy Robdal - when there she gives herself a false name (not sure why, must have missed something somewhere) - in this case Gloria Ming (?!!), only when the doctor called her name he didn't pronounce it "ming" (as in the vase) he pronounced it to rhyme with hinge. Ahem.... Oh god did I laugh!

I think by far the best bit was Mr Robdal himself, played by Nicholas Lyndhurst who I'm sure we all know was Rodney in Only Fools, in that he was dopey, drippy and idiotic. As Freddy though he was a lying, cheating, womanising, safe-exploding git .... and soooo much more appealing because of it. Oh, ok, I've got a thing for the villains in these things *laughs*. Seriously though, it was, in my uneducated opinion, brilliant acting because the way he played it you COULD see bits of Rodneyish stupidity coming through sometimes.

So that was that - wonder if there'll be any more?

Anyway, other things ..... not sure what we're doing tomorrow (shopping most probably but if the sun comes out I might finally get my walk in!) but Wednesday morning Rosie has an orthodontist appointment and then, later in the afternoon, Tim is taking her and April to their yoga class (aaaah! more free time for me!) Thursday is back to work for Timothy (heehee) and Rainbows for April.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy Sunday

So, the freezing, icy weather continues and we're staying indoors - playing games, eating biscuits and just .... mooching about.

Yesterday I made blueberry muffins and we had them, still very slightly warm, for tea. I think that was probably one of the nicest things to eat in this weather! Last night I sat and watched an episode of Pride and Prejudice (I have the dvd set) which bored Tim senseless because he hates costume dramas. I, however, LOVE them especially this particular one with Colin Firth being all dark and brooding ... mmmm.

Tonight we're going to watch Heroes - it was on last night but we missed it .... erm.. because we forgot it was on and I watched the aforementioned Pride and Prejudice. Luckily, it's on again this evening (thankfully - I can imagine my name would have been Total Mud if I'd not only subjected Tim to Mr Darcy but also made him miss Heroes!!)

Right, off now - got to sort out some maths stuff for the kids for next week and bung some washing in the machine and sort out Rosie's Guide clothes for tomorrow - gripping stuff eh? ;)

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Well, phew

Today I unwrapped my Christmas cake for the first time since I made it - I was a bit scared because one year (actually, quite a long time ago now!), I did this and the cake had gone mouldy presumably because I was a bit premature putting it away before it had gone completely cold. I'm always nervous of wrapping the cake up and just leaving it for weeks! Anyway, I needn't have worried because, look, it's fine .... more than fine, it smelled totally yummy and it had gone slightly darker (perfect) and a little bit sticky on top (also perfect).


Tim went off this morning to do some post office stuff. He tried to do it yesterday but the queue in our local post office went right out the door so he gave up. He went there again today but same problem so he got back into the car and drove to one a bit further away. On the way he ended up behind some guy from work in one of the work vans apparently going into the Ferndown Industrial Estate (..... no-one reading this is going to know where the hell that is are they?! *laughs*) Tim said he wasn't sure why he was going in there (I'm assuming it's not a VERY regular place for them to deliver to!)

Went also went out shopping in the pouring rain again - I SWEAR, we don't get winter any more, we get a rainy season - and went to "Big Tesco". I needed to get wrapping paper and cards and another pressie for Tim. Anyhow, he wandered around looking at magazines and me and the kids went off in search of cards - April went around with her eyebrows permanently screwed up in a frown because she could only find ones that said "dad" and not "daddy" .... maybe we just weren't looking properly! Then, I had a spur of the moment bit of inspiration for his last present and this involved going upstairs on the escalator which just happens to overlook the bit with the magazines. We didn't want him to see us going up there but he was stood right "under" the escalator! He had his back to us but we didn't want to draw attention to ourselves and there followed a slight comedy moment where we crept past him on the escalator VERY SLOWLY whilst trying not to let him hear us. Frankly, I'm beginning to think he must be deaf considering that he didn't hear the kids hysterical giggling! A man stood in front of us must have guessed what was going on (presumably the bunch of birthday cards I was clutching in my hand might have given it away) and he turned round and grinned and winked at me!

We also (oh joy!!) got the Christmas Radio Times today. Yes, we are a bunch of saddos that actually look foward to getting the RT at this time of the year (we don't buy it the rest of the time). I was even more ecstatic, on reading it, to find out that there is going to be an "Are You Being Served" night on New Years Day. Tim HATES this programme with a passion - he hates the title music, the stupid jokes ... everything ... and I'm pretty sure he's not alone! However, it's precisely because of the daft double entendres and stuff that it's so bloody funny (in a sort of cheesy way!) I shall look forward to it anyway ... unless he locks me in a cupboard so I can't!

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Changes of plan

Not going to Tim's mums firework thing tomorrow now - going to do our own at home (probably Saturday) This is firstly because we've still got that HUGE pile of wood in the garden from where Tim cut things back a few weeks ago and it makes sense to have a bonfire and burn all that. Also, Tim has to get up for work on Saturday morning and if we went to his mums we'd end up having to come home pretty early anyway so that he would have enough time to shower off the smelly smoke. To be honest, it's easier to wait a day and just do something at home on the Saturday when he doesn't have to get up the next day.

So, this afternoon we went to Tesco and did our usual food shop AND brought a couple of boxes of fireworks and sparklers AND (taaa-daa!) the stuff to make my Christmas cake. Yes, I'm going to make it on Sunday!

I'm hoping that doing some fun things over the weekend will help us all to relax a bit round here - Tim and I, I think it's fair to say, have not been bestest buddies over the last few days - much mild arguing and fault finding and whatnot going on. Not that we're yelling at each other and being frosty just ... bickering :(

I don't like it, I like things to be peaceful and happy and... they're .. just ... not :(

May not blog again for a couple days or so ..... maybe see you after the weekend with (hopefully!) photos of pretty fireworks and yummy Christmas cake.

So, unless anything hugely blog-worthy happens in the meantime .... be good ;)

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