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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A bit like Dr Who

Edited: Have new general blog ... elsewhere. I decided to keep it completely separate from my new shop and the homeschool site - nicer that way I thought! So, it's on Blogger and you can find it here. Hope you'll visit :)

On a slightly different note, this entire website MAY go a bit wobbly in the next week. Nik-the-web-guy is moving me to a new server. This is, in some ways, a good thing because I'm rebuilding it into the shop. However, it also means this blog could disappear ANY day (and won't be resurrected - although I'll have the archived version for my own memories) so grab any link addresses you want quick!

This will be my final post on this blog as I've finally decided what to do with the website (after much uuming and aahing!) This blog will be being deleted at some point, it will be left here for now just to let everyone know what's going on.

I'm regenerating - same website name but a totally different look .... and a different use - go see the front page if you want to find out what :)

Luckily, because all the basic page coding is in place, it shouldn't take too long to get everything set up so check back in a week or two.

So, I guess this is goodbye ... in a sense. There won't be any more blog anymore but I'll still be here :) I've enjoyed blogging this blog but, to be honest, it had become a little tedious and repetitive. You can still catch me over at my homeschool site (at least if you're interested in that!) and I hope that some of you may hang around and enjoy the shop when it's done :)

Take care everyone ..... be happy :)

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Edited on: Sunday, February 20, 2011 9:48 AM
Categories: Life

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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Some random pictures from the last week or so, including a craft that I've done ... I will get the photography and craft pages done ... I WILL .....

Jeffy the bun ..... he's getting on a bit now ... he's also ENORMOUS - that's April's little arm next to him!


Floyd .... I iz on ur keyboard, messin' up ur Google searches ....


Another bun - one I made for April from a free pattern at Allsorts


... she has a reversible dress ... and lopsided ears but we won't dwell on that :)


The first leaf buds of early spring on a tree in our garden


... and the first crocuses on our lawn


Have a good weekend

Posted by Sarah at 10:04 PM [Permalink]
Categories: Crafts, Pets, Seasonal

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Apparently (according to Tim) the font on this page was too light and was difficult to read (I thought it was ok, but .. hey...) .... so I've made it a little darker. Hope it's better! :) Oh, and bizarrely, all my sidebar trash has re-appeared, despite the fact that I deleted it before! Um... oook.

I have got stuff I want to add to the website now, namely, photos and a craft I've made. It's painfully slow progress though because, once again, I'm tinkering with the homeschool site. I really need to get that TOTALLY finished first before I start on this one ... but I'm impatient! Problem is, THIS site isn't nearly so popular (for obvious reasons - there's not much on it!) and I'm worried if I let it go for too long before updating then I'll end up with no visitors at all. It has crossed my mind several times recently to just "let it go" completely and concentrate purely on the homeschool one... just don't know.

Anyway, for the time being, I'm still here!

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Categories: General

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Got the decorators in

There may well be a distinct lack of posting at the mo. Having (virtually) finished my home ed site I'm now about to start overhauling this one and it's going to be beeeautiful!!

I'll have this blog, a crafts page (for when I get the time to do them!), photographs page (mainly wildlife and "days out" images that were particularly lovely) and recipes. I guess you could say it's just going to be a hobby/lifestyle website!

Anyway, bear with me while I redo the site - will post updates as and when I do them :)

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Categories: General

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Planning ahead

I so need it to be spring now! I can tolerate winter - I don't get S.A.D or anything but, towards the end, it really starts to wear thin. It gets especially bad when you can start to see the very first tentative signs of spring - we've got snowdrops popping out and actual leaf buds on one tree. Yet, we're still getting frosty mornings (and probably will do for a good month yet!). So near and yet so far.

Anyway, we having been planning on all fronts. :)

Floyd is having his last week of being made to stay indoors and then, on Saturday, we're taking him outside for the first time. The Cats Protection said to do this (3 weeks in followed by a "guided" trip outside) to help him settle in and accept this as his new home. He really wants to go outside - he keep sitting by the back door and gazing wistfully out!

Another bit of planning is the garden. I've been mentally putting together what I'm going to grow and where (got in mind spring onions, lettuce, tomatoes, some herbs and, perhaps, runner beans. I'm also going to give each of the kids a trough type planter each and let them choose what they want to grow on the understanding that it's entirely their responsibility to keep it watered and weeded! They both seem keen to do this so it might be fun.

Finally (and, ooo! this is a biggy!) - we're going to take a trip away for a few days - Centerparc. Not sure when exactly yet (could be soon, could be in a few months) but we are definately going. We've been wanting to go for a long time and, what with all the horribleness at the end of last year (Tim's mum being ill and me being ill), it would be definately nice to get away for a break. We're going to go to the nearest Centerparc to us so that we don't have to spend hours driving there and then just CHILL for a few days - swim, play adventure golf, do some archery, perhaps go riding .... aaahhh! Bliss! I just ... cannot ...wait.

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Categories: Pets, Places, Seasonal

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Best cartoons ever

This little posting was inspired by a long-running argument between my lovely husband and myself as to whether Mutley (from Wacky Races) and Roobarb (from Roobarb and Custard) are green. I maintain they both are - he says Mutley isn't - he's brown. Anyway, in an attempt to put an end to this and show that I'm right I went on You Tube. I did find Mutley and he was sort of greyish green ... Roobarb DEFINATELY green. Anyhow, it got me looking at all the other kiddie cartoons from long ago so here are a few of my faves (but no Mutley because I didn't like him)

One banana, two banana, three banana, four ... four bananas make a bunch and so do many more. They do you know. if by magic

Roobarb .... very trippy

Magic Roundabout .... even more trippy

Camberwick Green. A little known.... erm completely unknown, fact, is that Tim went to a fancy dress party as a child and he went dressed up as the windmill from Camberwick Green - not Windy Miller but the WINDMILL!!

There were many more I loved but I'll be here all night .....

Posted by Sarah at 6:49 PM [Permalink]
Categories: Telly

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boring really ... we shopped ... we cleaned

Went and did shopping this morning which was a pain in the bum. Tim has this incredibly irritating habit of suddenly vanishing in the middle of the shop (usually when I'm in the middle of talking to him!) He'll suddenly remember something we should have got from the other end of the shop or spots some "crazy" bargain somewhere and WOOSH! he's gone leaving me stood there abandoned!

Anyway, that done, we decided to do some cleaning this afternoon ..... I've no idea what brought this on *laughs*. I tidied EVERYWHERE and polished and and he took the bins out and hoovered. Oh, and I repaired the front of his keyboard case which was ripped in what, I believe, may have been one of Hemmy's last acts of pointless vandalism before quitting this mortal coil. It's been bugging me for ages.

Other than all this tedious shopping and cleaning I HAVE been pondering much over what to do with this website now my homeschool stuff is going elsewhere. Actually, the old homeschool blog archives are staying but all the materials and whatnot are moving. So I'm going to have lots of space and a WHOLE website just for this blog doesn't seem justifiable! I'm obviously going to give the whole site a makeover (new graphics and backgrounds and so on) but after that I'm stumped. Perhaps a crafts page or a page for my nature related stuff ... maybe recipes .... hmmm? What to do?!

Answers/suggestions on a postcard ..........

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Categories: General, Pets

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've made such great strides with my new homeschool website that I took a break today. Instead, we went to Christchurch to walk along the river and by the priory and ruins. The kids wanted to feed the ducks so we took some bread. Rosie actually hand fed a SWAN! These things terrifying me and April looks so tiny compared to a full grown swan that I'm constantly panicking when she goes near them and saying "mind the swan April ... MIND THE SWAN!!!"

We went up the hill to the ruins and the wind was blasting around the place giving us cold, chilly and achey ears which wasn't good. Anyway, we had a nice walk and came back for a cup of tea which WAS good :)

This evening Tim and I are being bad and having KFC for dinner - Zingerburgers yum yum yum! We don't do the takeaway thing very often so it is a nice treat .... just waiting for Tim to get back with it now .... wish he'd hurry - I'm soooo hungry!

While he's been out I've been helping Rosie paint an ancient Egyptian mummy case with bright coloured acrylic paint. Actually, it's a picture of one as she's going to make a mummy case shaped book to do a project on Egyptian death and burials and stuff. Hey, I'm veering into home ed territory here ..... save that for the other site :)

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Categories: General, Places

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Re-posted from homeschool blog

Just in case anyone reading this is interested, my new homeschool site is finished. Hurrah. Hurrah.

This is reposted from my homeschool blog:


Just to let you know my new site is LIVE! At last! The blog is being done, hopefully, today. The main page is there, the about us page and the free materials pages are there. None of the other sidebar links work yet but I'm getting there! :)

So, this is the VERY last post on this blog - the archives will be left here for reference. Enjoy the new site!

Wise Little Owls

Posted by Sarah at 11:03 AM [Permalink]
Categories: General

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Got bloodshot eyes I have

I've been working on my new website. At last. After ONLY a year of actually owning the site - just a YEAR mind you! *rolls eyes*.

The coding for the actual page layouts has been there for ages, I just haven't got round to adding any text or pictures or ...erm.. anything really. That, however, is being rectified! Hooray! I now have a front page, an "about" page and my freebie stuff has been put on it's own page (soon to be deleted from this website altogether). Next stop is the shop page ... *groans* ... this is going to be the most time-consuming bit because I have to do all new pictures for the materials and upload all the "Buy Now" buttons from Lulu. I'm having the buttons link to the Lulu site so that purchasers can finish their order there because it's just SO much easier as they'll get their order straight away rather than having to wait for me to email it. Also, I don't want to do away with the Lulu shop as it's actually doing pretty well at the moment.

I'm reckoning on it "going live" by this coming Friday and I'm hoping I can get Tim to sort out my new homeschool blog on it by then - setting up Thingamablog looks waaay too confusing for my liking.

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Categories: Life

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