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Monday, November 21, 2016

The Long Break is Over

This is a fresh start after the most massive blogging break ever. I needed the break, to do other things, learn new things, just take a break from the relentless "this is what we did in homeschool today" posts. My whole site had also become messy and disjointed with no real focus and I needed to go away and rethink it's purpose and what I wanted to do with it.

Something that has always been very close to my heart is the idea of living as simple and happy life as possible. Being frugal, homemaking, home crafting, home baking and "doing it yourself" as much as possible. Happiness can't be brought. We've all known people that are so wealthy - have huge houses, several cars, expensive clothes and holidays yet never seem contented and always spend their time moaning about things.

Happiness and contentment with your life comes from living it your way, whether you home educate, make all your own clothes, home bake everything from scratch, refuse to go in for the commercialism at Christmas and handmake all your gifts, wear what you want, at whatever age, instead of what "society" tells you, you should wear.

Happiness is different things to different people but very often a key to happiness is simplicity. Simplifying your life and enjoying simple pleasures. If you can take pleasure in things like the sound of the rain falling on the leaves outside as you cosy up indoors with candles flickering, you will always have a source of happiness close by.

So this site is about that. Simple, happy living. Simple pleasures, home cooked food, crafting, simple learning. Its about walks in the countryside, finding the pleasure in the smallest things, appreciating the seasons. Welcome back.

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